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Turtleneck53 71 M
1  question
Messaging Etiquette - 5/20/2024

I'm an older married man, new to this site and looking for a NSA/FWB relationship, with a single or married female. My question is when responding to a profile what is the best way to respond so I don't come on too strong but also to get her attention above the competition? Anyone have any pointers? I'd especially like to hear from the female members.

1 response(s), 0 votes
analific 70 M
6  questions
Score 0.3
How to tell a "T" from a "CD" - 3/17/2024

How can you tell a "T" from a "CD"? Is there any difference?

4 response(s), 2 votes
subforuse2024 46 M
1  question
How to become a good Sissy Slut & be an Owners Bitch - 2/19/2024

<br><br> Hi As a recent bdsm fetish kinky little thing I am discovering my new outfits makeup etc daily. Soo much fun. I want to get a nose job and breasts. Based in Oxford I am willing to relocate for anyone wholl have me. Any advice how to meet people.

1 response(s), 2 votes
Hotxhaust69 39 M
1  question
Penis Enlargement pills - 11/10/2023

I am just over 8inch in size but would like to know if there are any penis enlargement pills that work

4 response(s), 2 votes
hanson615 61 M
1  question
Best Place to go for Sex toys - 11/3/2023

New on here. What are members favorite place to go for Sex Toys? <br><br> Thx!

3 response(s), 0 votes
Pegpete 46 M
1  question
Anal orgasm advice for men - 10/22/2023

Any advice on the best positions or toys to use to achieve the best male anal orgasm. I mean when you totally blow your load without touching your cock.

3 response(s), 2 votes
G000dbuddy 36 M
2  questions
date a single parent change anything in the dating process? - 9/13/2023

Does the fact you're about to date a single parent change anything in the dating process? It can, to some degree, particularly if the person hasn't been actively dating. Taking care of doesn't leave much time for socializing. In fact, if the are pre-school age, there's not much time left for anything. <br><br> Whether you're asking out a single mom, or being ...

8 response(s), 3 votes
G000dbuddy 36 M
2  questions
Arrange This In Order Of Importance - 9/13/2023

Arrange This In Order Of Importance <br><br> Looks Money Personality Loyalty

6 response(s), 0 votes
G000dbuddy 36 M
2  questions
What does Love mean to you? - 9/13/2023

Respect and Care Romance and Sex Attachment Attraction Magic Faith in God Something else Love has many forms. In what form do you like Love the most?...

1 response(s), 0 votes
Aenghus562 67 M
1  question
Travelling and meeting - 2/13/2023

This past December I travelled to Naples Fl. for three weeks. If/when I travel somewhere for a specific length of time how do I announce it to potential partners in advance? It would be rather tedious and time consuming to send out messages/invitations one at a time.

4 response(s), 3 votes
sexygeo336 42 M
5  questions
how much better is a orgy than a ganagbang????? - 8/4/2022

Just wondering <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> how much better is an orgy over a gangbang or r they pretty much the same thing?????????

8 response(s), 6 votes
Turntoutguy 39 M
2  questions
Dealbreaker - 7/27/2022

Is crossdressing a deal breaker for a relationship with women that are bisexual as well?

5 response(s), 2 votes
Straight guys on the DL - 7/6/2022

If you didn't think admitting to having had sex with other men would diminish your social standing at all, would you admit it publicly on a site like this, and would you still be uncomfortable about feeling like you gave up your "straightness"?

9 response(s), 3 votes
Javan091 58 M
1  question
As a BBC what was it like to get that first White Chick in the Ass ? - 5/27/2022

Any other Black man like me ? I've been with white women before, but I've never had or been with one who Loves Anal. Tell me, Bruhs; what was that first experience like ? Or White Guys with Black Women ? I've had experiences with Black Women who Loved or were willing to do Anal. The Tightness around my "D" felt unbelievable, it was Wonderful !!! And the way she Hump Feed me ...

5 response(s), 5 votes
First time - 3/1/2022

I want to experience having sex with tgirls or shemales It be my first time what should I do.

8 response(s), 3 votes
CarolynCrups 64 F
1  question
Why would you think? - 3/1/2022

I wax my mound and keep her clean. I do my best each day to look and smell nice. I take the time not only for myself but for others that are around me. So. Why would you think that I would like to have some hairy faced male between my legs licking my mound? I mean I got rid of the hair that was there. It has been said that a male uses the hair on his face as a mask to hide behind. So far, I ...

8 response(s), 14 votes
i69withyou 70 M
1  question
How do you handle a gal that won't let herself cum? - 2/23/2022

I have a girl friend that always stops before she will let herself cum! She claims even when she plays by herself, she stops before she climaxes! Try as I may, no matter what I do I cannot convince her to let go and allow herself to climax. It doesn't matter if I'm fingering her, eating her, using toys, or fucking her. She always stops before cumming! Anyone have any ideas on how to get ...

27 response(s), 2 votes
maynardcpl 61 C
1  question
how to let transwomen now you aren't chasers - 2/22/2022

my wife and i are have had trans friends and we really enjoy their company and friendship but it seems that it is almost impossible to talk to them if you are a couple. we don't consider them a fetish, it's not just about sex, but the sex when it happens is great, we won't lie.

15 response(s), 12 votes
Lipstick that stays while cocksucking? - 2/22/2022

i have just recently started my crossdressing journey and im loving it! but i have one burning question about lipstick. i see videos of women sucking cock and their lipstick doesnt wear off. what type of lipstick is this??

12 response(s), 8 votes
stumps0 62 M
1  question
standart people - 12/28/2021

iam sending out a lot but getting nothing back, found out a lady cant read it, so how does one add standart to a account

26 response(s), 13 votes
BiSussi 62 F
12  questions
Xmas Gifts - 12/4/2021

Do you know already what you buy for your husband, boyfriend/s or lover/s? <br><br> Somewhat lost this year ;( what would you suggest for guys in their early twenties? <br><br> Not a believer in gift cards, just hope you have some unique gift ideas <br><br> Please do help, as I want to surprise my loved guys!

21 response(s), 11 votes
andyapple2 40 M
1  question
Bicurious - 9/27/2021

Guys, how did u tell ur gf, wife, significant other about wanting to play with another man? Did they get mad or accept it? Ladies how do u feel about ur man playing with other men?

47 response(s), 32 votes
Where does romance go? - 9/21/2021

It's just out of curiosity, but where does the romance go? Men are great for romance until they get what they want, then poof.....all gone. As I've been told by two men...the 1st..fat, ugly and stupid women will give you what you want....the 2nd.....plain & overweight women will work harder to keep a man. They don't see us as women, but wives, girlfriends, the mother of their and then they ...

4 response(s), 0 votes
BiSussi 62 F
12  questions
How do you change men? - 9/6/2021

Men have this illusion that women who like to frequent nude beaches or swim in the pool without a bikini are looking for sex? How do you bring men back into reality and convince them that caring, tenderness, special connection and love leads to making love? Nudity has nothing to do with sex, it is just how God made us ...

49 response(s), 20 votes
2  questions
Men Wearing Panties - 8/31/2021

How many men and women find it attractive a man in women panties? How many women would be upset if boyfriend or husband wore panties?

67 response(s), 29 votes
am i wrong or does my ex have no class - 8/7/2021

my ex and i split up 4 mnths ago. she needed time, and i said ok.the deal was she could hang out or even "date" to a degree with other guys as long as she didnt give her heart to someone else. she seemed to be getting somewhat serious with one particular guy and i asked her what she wanted. me or to move on and see where the new relationship went. needless to say we are still friends ha ha. ...

4 response(s), 0 votes
Ragnorok2020 38 M
7  questions
Major question wanted answered lol - 7/25/2021

Ok I've gone through multiply personals and on all of then you find people that cover their face. I don't understand this in anyway. If they are trying to hind themselves from co-workers it doesn't make since because their co-workers would then be on the same site and be seeking something of the same thing. If they are affraid of it being shown somewhere else, most personal ask you if they ...

4 response(s), 5 votes
Camfriendly22 31 M
1  question
Male showers - 7/21/2021

Do females actually enjoy and get aroused watching a man please himself in the shower? O us it just weird?

29 response(s), 10 votes
we cant shut the door to fool around - 7/15/2021

MY wife wont shut the door unless my oldest goes to sleep, shes 17 and seems to have a problem when our door is shut and we cant be intimate until that happens. the problem is that I go to work early in the morning and I try to go to bed at around 11:00 at the latest but my is up till at least 12:00 or later.She watches Tv or whatever, why cant we just shut the door and lock it, she is ...

1 response(s), 0 votes
Need to know what women think!!!! - 7/15/2021

Here it goes. I, m living with someone who doesn't have a sex drive anymore but doesn't want to let me get anywhere else. She says if i do she'll never let me see my again which I'm not going to let happen. Is it wrong to for me to look for some dicrete women to hook up with 2 to 3 times a week during the little free time I have between work and spending time with my ????? PLEASE LET ME ...

10 response(s), 5 votes
Can put to much strain on a relationship? - 7/15/2021

Me and my partner have been together for 18 months and we both have from previous relationships.My stops with us at weekends but i live with her full time.More recently due to her we've been spending less time alone due to problems with their sleeping and behaviour and i think it might be putting a strain on both of us.Is it wrong to want and be able to spend just a couple of hours a ...

15 response(s), 19 votes
What do you think... - 7/15/2021

A few months ago. This guy asked me out. I said ok. We met at his workplace and he led me to his place (he lived with his parents). I truly had no intention of having sex. I intended only to get to know him so more cause I'd only talked to him at his work place. He was nice, but he was pretty much ugly. Anyway, we are there and talking. He starts kissing me. I push him away, saying that ...

3 response(s), 0 votes
flog5 76 C
0  questions
How do I go about being a for a night or a weekend? - 7/15/2021

I have for the longest time, wanted to see what if would be like to fuck and suck for money. After a very religious upbringing, a long term marriage and two , I'd like to just give my fantasy a try. I never get enough cock to suck on and love to fuck. My husband and I have tried swinging and threesomes and enjoy the outside activities very much. He has no problem with me doing it, he calls ...

8 response(s), 3 votes
What should I do if my wife doesn't have time for sex anymore? - 7/15/2021

My wife and I have been together for 10 years now and all of the sudden the sex has stopped! We have soem but they're at school all day and she does not seem interested anymore in sex; what should I do?

10 response(s), 3 votes
fyrman1189 52 M
1  question
How do you feel about infidelity? - 7/15/2021

I am a married man and I have a problem...I am not gettin any at home from my spouse. I have a couple of 'friends' that I supplement this problem with. Should I feel bad about my infidelity? A friend of mine put it this way... If you don't feed a he runs away to someone who will. I am not sure why but this makes alot of sense to me.

24 response(s), 19 votes
Massage early ejaculation - 7/15/2021

Any man that has visited a , have you blown your load to quick? It happens to me all the time but not with my partner

19 response(s), 3 votes
naughtyboy411 59 M
0  questions
Married but horny - 7/15/2021

I'm married but my wife hasn't wanted to sleep with me for about a year. It's not because I am bad looking or a jerk... I'm a nice guy and I get propositioned every once in a while so it can't be that I don't appeal to most women. The reasons behind her not wanting to make love to me are too complicated to go into here. <br> My question for this audience... Is that my wife ...

3 response(s), 2 votes
rm_tje2469 65 C
6  questions
, do women fantasize about it? - 7/15/2021

Do women ever fantasize about being taken by a stranger, and being told to service this stranger against her will, until she is finally to horny and liking it, then she becomes a willing participant?White ladies, are your black guys with enormous cocks?Black ladies, do you fantasize about being taken by white men?Do your fantasies involve more than one man?I fantasize about being ...

17 response(s), 3 votes
My best friend's - 7/15/2021

My best friend has lived with her for about 16 years. Since she split up with her husband her has taken care of her in everyway. Eventhough he is in his 30's & us in our 50's we all get along very well. I have been seperated from my husband for awhile & am very horny. She is constantly giving me the intimate details of their very nasty sex lives. She tells me how she sucks & fucks him 3-4 ...

3 response(s), 2 votes
ethical or not! - 7/15/2021

I have a terminal, non contagious, illness and I have no . I would like to find a couple who cant have and give my seed to them for free! It would be useless to find a girlfriend or wife who is willing to be with a dead guy, so in my quest to further my gene pool, I thought I would accomplish the same thing, while making some deserving couple happy as well! Tell me what you guys and ...

1 response(s), 2 votes
Fun-and-Sexy3-4 56 F
0  questions
Why do Men Cheat - 7/15/2021

I just found out last night that my boyfriend has been cheating on me for a month. My suspcions were correct all along and he wonders why I had a trust issue with him. Now he's acting like it's my fault. I have been honest with him and he has lied to my face over and over when I asked him about it saying there is no one else. <br> He has told our friends that he thinks I'm trying ...

0 response(s), 0 votes
Sex with a giant? Scary or not? - 7/15/2021

I have posted this question on another site and would like the opinions of people here. I am a very large man. 6'7", 255lbs. Not skinny, semi muscular. I have either found it to have an easy time with women or a very hard time. Some women are into tall men but others not I know. But there are some that are just scared of me and this is what I don't understand. None of them can seem to make ...

13 response(s), 13 votes
kimkittie4ever 42 F
1  question
What should I do about this man? - 7/15/2021

First of all, when I met this guy, I thought that it was going to be just a one night stand type of thing. After I realized how good the sex was, I though it was going to be just a booty call type of thing. I new in the beginning that he had a girlfriend and it didn’t bother me at all. Here it is 1 year and 2 months later and he and I are still an item. He tells me he loves me ...

7 response(s), 1 vote
Sister in law chitted me. - 7/15/2021

My sister in law was just 23, just married for one year when my brother has expired in road accident along with my parents. I was 20 then, doing interior deco course in the city about 200 mile from my hometown. She got the job in place of my brother and also got good amount from Insurance Co. She gave me courage and asked me to continue my study. After my final exam, I went back to my town ...

3 response(s), 0 votes
little desire after tubal ligation - 7/15/2021

Before my wife had our last her sexual desire was nearly matched to mine. But after our third and her tube knot, she seems to not have much of a desire for seany). Is this a familiar thing or may there be more to it than I see

11 response(s), 4 votes
When is it okay? - 7/15/2021

Okay I have another question for you. If you are married, you love your wife alot and maybe have or not. Is it cheating if you and your car buddy or your football buddy ended up messing around and blowing eachother one day? I mean does cheating have to constitute being with a woman or does it apply if you are with another male also? I personally don't think so but my friends think ...

0 response(s), 1 vote
WillPayForSex69 49 M
0  questions
How does a Blackpool Lad find a woman he can pay? - 7/15/2021

I'm sick of ..I want an amateur that will offer same service - no responses as yet. I think there may be too many blokes on here already but even with my "X" factor..of loads of replies as yet

0 response(s), 0 votes
In love, but not with my wife... - 7/15/2021

Hello all. I have been married for 11 years now and I am at that stage of marriage where we are mearly co-habitating. We have a beautiful together and live the typical suburban dream, but we are in a sexless relationship. <br> The problem I have is that I am in a relationship with a woman who is the love of my life right now...but we are not sleeping together. Odd yes, but this ...

4 response(s), 0 votes
wineduptoy2004 52 M
2  questions
why cain't women just sport fuck? - 7/15/2021

I no some do but there are so many that think there a if they enjoy themselves with sex or one nighters. Can this be changed?

2 response(s), 1 vote
rm_Tazadof 54 M
1  question
Married, but not to each other (is there a happy ending) - 7/15/2021

(Sorry posted this in the wong place last time) <br> I'm a married man, and have been married before, the first time I was young, the second time I was stupid, asking a new partner to marry me after we had both just come out of long term relationships. Even before I got married the second time, I’d fallen in love with another woman, but she was married with , we've been seeing ...

10 response(s), 0 votes
How many of these ads are for real? - 7/15/2021

Looking at ads for women in search of men it seems to me that many of the ads having professional pictures of women suggesting pro's at work here. Certainly the best looking woman seem to ads that all sound alike they are all college students, all 20 -27. <br> I would appreciate peoples experience about what percentage of the ads are just etc trying to get creative.

7 response(s), 0 votes

It's been a long time since I've had an orgasm. I don't know if it is because I don't exercise or is it because my partner doesn't turn me on. It's been going on for a while now. I have 2 , maybe that's the reason, I'm too loose. When I masturbate I cum easily. Please help this frustrated woman.

4 response(s), 1 vote
seaboy1984 40 M
3  questions
women like - 7/15/2021

i do find it hard when it comes to women.i dont know what runs through their mind. when it comes to a boy or a matured men, which one will women select if she falls between the age of 25 to 40?

9 response(s), 24 votes
is the risk worth it? - 7/15/2021

i would just like to know, from anyone who is married and has cheated. Is what you get out of it worth the risk of losing the one you love and changing your whole life, and for those of us that have them, our 's life?

4 response(s), 3 votes
divorced for four years - 7/15/2021

four years wife has ben on the net chasing guys had forty or so and now wants to talk about comming back says she made a mistake shouldnt have gave up twenty five years of mattiage and that she hasnt found better only differnt so what do ya think is the right response still have young at home

5 response(s), 0 votes
1  question
What to do about bf of 7yrs? - 7/15/2021

I'm a 26yr old female and my bf is 46yrs old. We have been together for 7yrs now. Our relationship isn't the best at all. He has hit me many times. He also drinks heavily, I don't drink at all. We also have two together. I've been thinking for along time of kicking him out cuz I can't deal with the abuse anymore. I also have another problem, I've fallen madly in love with his ...

8 response(s), 1 vote
Should I be worried? - 7/15/2021

i have a very high sex drive, and have had a higher sex drive than my husband all the 10 years we have been married.So, he has never wanted it as much as me, but in the last 3 or 4 weeks, we have made love everynight, but I am always the one to start it. Sometimes he'll smack my ass, or cum stand behind me and press his cock into my ass, but after the have gone to bed, he doesnt do ...

1 response(s), 1 vote
betweenyourknees 46 M
2  questions
If you love someone is it okay to have sex if you are ? - 7/15/2021

The law is there for a reason - to protect us. Even though our bodies may be ready for sex this does not mean that we are emotionally ready. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed in the context of a stable life long relationship. When sex occurs outside of this context it can bring many dangerous consequences to those involved and particularly for those who are young and unprepared for the ...

3 response(s), 2 votes
Does my step- want me? - 7/15/2021

My step- and I have always been very close. I knew her before I knew her mom and married her. She's always been a "good girl" and never been what I would consider sex-driven. But, since she married and had 2 , her sexual curiosity has heightened, I believe. Her husband is the only man she has ever been with or seen naked. <br> Although her husband loves her very much, I don't ...

23 response(s), 14 votes
Do I masterbate too much? - 7/15/2021

Ever since my divorce (about two years ago) I basically masterbate daily. First of all, I am a male, in my early 30's now. I did masterbate before, and during my marriage, and found it quite pleasureable. My wife didnt like it when I did, so I did it in the shower, but not alot. She was very attractive, and when we actually had sex (not often) it was great. I am normally very shy, so ...

12 response(s), 0 votes
Another one - 7/15/2021

I thank all of you who took time to answer my first one. I didn't have much time before now I do She had the before we meet the sex was great then about 3 yrs ago over a period of three months she wanted less and less. We were never married I'm raising her but they know and see thier real father all they want. They want her to get back with him, but he left her for another women. I still ...

2 response(s), 0 votes
SexVirussss 40 M
3  questions
still i dont have contacts - 7/15/2021

still i dont have even a single person in contact in Free Social Sex Network site.i dont know why ???other big thing is most of the women who r active in this site are looking only lesb, why is like that?since bcz they affride to keep touch with mens?if so atleast like me they can reply know?

12 response(s), 18 votes
rm_box8707 70 F
0  questions
Older Women are Hotter! - 7/15/2021

I am in my late 40's and only hit my sexual prime since I found myself single at age 44. I went from being almost non-orgasmic to being multi-orgasmic (and WET). When are men going to wake up and realize that sex can be better in your 40's and 50's than it ever was when you were a . After all, experience and maturity can lead to much more freedom. Back when I was a "youth", I could ...

4 response(s), 1 vote
So who is holding a grudge? - 7/15/2021

It appears people are holding grudges now when it comes to voting? I have been posting text book reponses lately and getting praise on my studying of female anatomy. For some reason I get 2 dislikes per article while most of the rest are excellent or very good. It is funny to see, 27 perfect votes followed by 2 very bad's. Perhaps which ever one of you that has a issue should take it up ...

10 response(s), 16 votes
common curtesy - 7/15/2021

What is so hard about people showing a little common curtesy in this site.After all we are all adults(well most ) most of the times when i get e-mails , the men leave a number.well very few i do call.except the last one i did call we talked .he was a very nice gentleman and all we talke back and forth for a few days .talked about meeting but not this week-end as he had his with him for ...

20 response(s), 2 votes
rm_badprince06 30 M
0  questions
Has the term "Boy Toy" gone out of style? - 7/15/2021

Now, it seems that most females on here too picky! They want this n that, and not into trying new, simple things... What happened to older females wanting a "BoyToy?" It once was a great honor, a dream. Having a young man at your will, taking advantage of his strength, endurance, willing, and motivation to please you. I can’t get new on here, and I don't even have a base price! ...

5 response(s), 2 votes
rm_hotbtweenlgs 69 C
9  questions
Do other women besides me have thoughts of being taken by force? - 7/15/2021

What I mean is nothing like actual but maybe desires of being made to do it, forced to do it with no means of actually being ... hard to explain -- I really get off by just the thought of being "Taken by force or Forced to be taken!! Sounds like I'm asking for it right? Maybe I am if I know it's just the act not the action of . Like my man taking me to a motel, tying me to the bed, then ...

4 response(s), 9 votes
Is my wife bi-curous? - 7/15/2021

Last weekend in the early hours of Sunday morning I was aware of some sounds. At first I thought it might have been one of the having a dream. but then it dawned on me that it was the sound of a female coming close to orgasm. We live in a terrace cottage in Staffordshire in the UK, and I was trying to work out, in my sub concious state, which side it was coming from, when I was suddenly ...

4 response(s), 4 votes
He wants a 3some, but won't let me find out if I like girls first! - 7/15/2021

To all those wize and experienced - I'm willing to explore his fantasy but not willing to pay an (so impersonal and so expensive). I do believe in chemistry and 'going slow' (ie, like dating). <br> How can I be comfortable being with another women and know what to do with her if I can't have her first before sharing. <br> What do you suggest?

4 response(s), 14 votes
MightBeThe1ForU 51 F
0  questions
Is the "" or "forceful entry" fantasy appropriate to ask of a gentleman on a one nite stand? - 7/15/2021

Do you think it is too forward to bring up the "" fantasy and role play to a man or woman on a one night stand? I would never want to make someone feel uncomfortable or strange but it would turn me on to actually find a man that could play it out...all the way and not feel weird or scared.

9 response(s), 11 votes
Are prostitutes dead roots????????? - 7/15/2021

After reading the article written by 3694u2, I would like to pose the question to viewers if their experiances of prostitutes where the same. I have had many great times with but have also been on the end of the "clock watchers" time lines. Does intimacy make for a better sexual experiance? Or do woman prefer the "blow and go" method of casual sex????????

8 response(s), 22 votes
How to move on? - 7/15/2021

I have been with the same man now for almost 4 years in Sept. We have one year old together. We broke up last feb. and he slept with someone else and i found out about it. We were still having sex but we were broke up. I can not even begin to tell you how hurt i was but yet i forgave and i stayed. Here lately i have stood my grounds and put my foot down and speak when i dont like something ...

7 response(s), 5 votes
free2lovetwo 57 C
0  questions
Should we or shouldn't we? - 7/15/2021

We are a married couple who are in Free Social Sex Network known as "free2lovetwo". We are not sure if that is where we are supposed to be. I mean is this for real? We have not met anyone yet in person, but responded to few emails. Are we get over our heads involved in Free Social Sex Network or should we be looking some where else to fullfill our fantasy. We are affraid of this kind of activity because we are professionals ...

4 response(s), 13 votes
Role playing - 7/15/2021

What is your favorite form of sexual role play? <br> <br> 1. Fantasy <br> 2. <br> 3. Police officer <br> 4. Doctor <br> 5. Teacher <br> 6. Other

4 response(s), 14 votes
Straight guy can't resist transexuals... - 7/15/2021

I am a married white male who can't resist the temptation of a beautiful tran-sexual. Is something wrong with me? I have three you and a beautiful wife, but I am NOT happy. I want to be in a relationship with an extremely feminine tran-sexual person. I wouldn’t want to hurt my wife, but if the opportunity ever presents itself, I will take it.

13 response(s), 27 votes
rm_justron9000 52 M
0  questions
Too much of a good thing? - 7/15/2021

I think it was Groucho Marx who said “I wouldn’t want to be in any club that would have me as a member.” Yet, when I look at purity scores, on women’s profiles, I find that I have more in common with people who are below 30 on this scale. It has taken me about 20 years to get a 20 on this test. I tend to date women who are younger than me, so I sometime have ...

8 response(s), 6 votes
Coming on too strong??? - 7/15/2021

Why is it that some guys decide to write you, even going as far as leaving their , and then end up not following through? I know that some men on this site complain all the time about getting stood up or ending up with just friends. But I've contacted some people, and they don't contact me back - a real live person! What gives???? <br> On another note, I guess I also wonder ...

39 response(s), 112 votes
multiO4ugood 49 M
2  questions
CONDUM HELP? - 7/15/2021

In search of a durable condum? I have problems with breaking. Just when she is making the sounds that make it huge, You look down to see shreds. I can change it like a tire in nascar. I don't want a trojan , once in the gate it splits and lets all the soldiers out. I'm not king kong but suficient. Can anyone help?

3 response(s), 0 votes
Philosophical question: - 7/15/2021

If a man 'hires' a to give him a blowjob, is he cheating on his significant other ? Is it just buying a service, like getting your car washed and vacuumed ? And if you think it is cheating, is it any different from just masturbating, and thinking about the hottie @ work ?

15 response(s), 9 votes
Do married women want other discreet/safe sex? - 7/15/2021

I'm married, w/, no divorce or separation in my plans, and want more, but don't know how much more. Possibly just sex, but more likely sex combined with a special friendship and respect, but with an understanding. Discreet, safe, and a PLUS for both of us. <br> Are there any women out there interested? Really? <br>

1 response(s), 0 votes
rm_darrenalive 57 M
0  questions
Is it wrong to want to have fun before i have a serious relationship - 7/15/2021

I was married for 13 yrs now ive been single for the last 3 1/2 but im still not ready to settle down yet because i enjoy my freedom to do as i want...I enjoy the things i do however i do get lonely but i still want to have fun for that bad?Am i being selfish to myself and , i dont play women as i want to have a serious relationship i am very upfront with them ...What do you ...

1 response(s), 3 votes
rm_juscurious44 63,1963 C
1  question
Single parent; 2 jobs and 2 . - 7/15/2021

Is there hope for a 44 year old swm to find a soulmate given these circumstances? I Need two jobs to survive and give my some sort of a life. what little time is left has to be divided between thwm, and possibly someone to have fun with (if i get lucky enough to find her.)Though i dearly love my who love me very much i still long for an intimatacy i can only share with an adult female Any ...

2 response(s), 1 vote
Sexless Marriage - 7/15/2021

I'm sure that my problem is not an orignal one, but I would like to know the general opinion about it. I am married to my high school sweetheart. She is a good person and does not have a dishonest bone in her body. I love her and I know that she loves me. We have one and another on the way. My problem is that the only time we had sex was when she was ovulating. From the time we found ...

3 response(s), 1 vote
PlayWithMe56 57 F
0  questions
why all of a sudden did he drop off the face of the earth? - 7/15/2021

I met someone here on Free Social Sex Network in March '04. For the most part we were in contact with each other at least 4 times a week. Since I'm married, he'd call me at work or I'd call him during the day and and we'd schedule a time when we can meet up and everything was cool. He has and know for a fact he is coach to his 's football team, plus he works nights, so I know his time is not all his own, ...

10 response(s), 6 votes
Sexually repressed UK women - 7/15/2021

Why is it that 84% of UK women freely admit to being sexually repressed/naive, could it be because they have been politically corrupted into believing that: "What men & women do, in giving & receiving sexual pleasure (the opposite of which is sexual displeasure/!)is obscene, depraved, corrupt, perverse & WHORISHLY PORNographic (the Historically correct 6C GK definition of the word PORN = ...

6 response(s), 1 vote
My husband and friend cheatted me - 7/15/2021

I was very happy when my husband has transferred to this place, because I met my school days best friend after a long time. She is married to this place with a businessman, quite older to her. After reaching here, we are meeting very often, as my husband use to drop me to her house while going to his factory. Some time she use to come to me and we use to chat for hours together. Few months ...

3 response(s), 0 votes
gangang/2nd time round? - 7/15/2021

some time ago i wrote a story to you regarding my 21 yr old girlfriend taking 5 older guys at our cottage on the coast it was a complete cum fest and now she says she wants to do it again. is she turning into a cock hungry ? she is 21, slim, shaven, long hair and very sexy im 45 and service her needs daily and she says shes madly in love with me. can i believe her?

15 response(s), 63 votes
Role Playing - 7/15/2021

Here is my question! I love roll playing; you know doctor/nurse, cop/, Teacher/student etc. I have actually spent days planning these little scenarios! So is this a fetish or should I seek psychiatric help! LOL

11 response(s), 11 votes
fundiscreetfun 58 M
10  questions
Married and sexually starved - 7/15/2021

What do you do if you married and not getting enough sex. Masterbate, visit a , find a fuck buddy or just suffer. Don't tell me to speak to my partner I've tried that

45 response(s), 92 votes
CuriousCoupl2601 52,1959 C
1  question
Unusual Fantasy.........Does anyone else have this one? - 7/15/2021

I'm the female counterpart of us, and have had an unusual fantasy for a very long time. My husband is aware of it, but neither of us know how to go about even attempting to fulfill this one. <br> I have a fantasy of being . Like I said, unusual. It's all about the powerlessness, I guess. Anyway, are there any of you out there that have had the same fantasy and have actually ...

6 response(s), 3 votes
juiceylover_619 49 C
8  questions
goodie girl or nasty ? - 7/15/2021

Being a nasty little slut makes my pussy soaking wet. love to be put in my place. please fuck me and do whatever u desire. is being naughty, nasty, and, sluty, a good thing? or should i keep my wild- side hidden?

39 response(s), 117 votes
how do I - 7/15/2021

how do i save my marriage? <br> right now im deployed in iraq and am taking a long hard look at my marriage. we have been together for 5years now and have three . she is a stay at home mom. and does not like sex she has no drive and it hurts. i know im a rather tall man6'9" and above average cock size but cmon. the woman has no intrest in sex. in the five years whe have been ...

8 response(s), 9 votes
married sexy mommy!!!! - 7/15/2021

What is wrong with having ? I have and I love them and I would do anything in the world for them but people I am human I have needs and I am sexy not to be shallow or anything!!! Men around here see I have and they find out they are mine they are back off and say to bad well they are losing out>

6 response(s), 4 votes
babybear150101 54 C
4  questions
oral sex from guys - 7/15/2021

Ladies how many of us has heard from a guy that they are really good at oral but out of all honesty they SUCK at it? I hate more than anything when a guy leaves you all sloppy and wet (and not from me getting off) or he is down there making all kinds of slirping noises it reminds me of a licking his balls.

22 response(s), 25 votes
Vasectomy? - 7/15/2021

My wife is about to have our third , and while I love my very much I think that three are plenty. I'm considering a vasectomy and wondered if there are any others out there who have experience with this procedure and what you all think about it?

1 response(s), 1 vote
Why stifle a question's? - 7/15/2021

I for one am tired of old men trying to stifle a question about race, especially from the young people.. Why is it ok for a 40+ black woman to ask, "Does white men like to sleep with black women?", and yet it is wrong for a 20 yr old to ask, "Does a guys race effect his size?"..She's called a racist, others are called morons and then saying they will be glad when all the voting is gone? ...

14 response(s), 31 votes
Is this love? - 7/15/2021

I've been online dating for a few months now and as far as I'm concerned I'm totally and completely in love with this guy, no doubt about his feelings as well, although he's much more reserved in expressing his emotions. But what I really want to understand is why he never ever says anything that would lead us to more sexual discussion, some hot chat... As soon as I try to tease him a ...

4 response(s), 1 vote
wetnwild69fine 50 F
5  questions
Breast Feeding a grown man? - 7/15/2021

My boyfriend loves to suck my tits (what man doesn't enjoy this activity)What has me concerned and leads me to post this question is that he likes to pretend that he is breast feeding wich totaly wierded me out at first, but I must admit Iv'e come to enjoy , and what has me worried is the fact that I have begun to lactate.I breast fed all of my for at least one year each but that was 9 ...

3 response(s), 5 votes
are the stories true? - 7/15/2021

Often as a , I was told of a time when men and women got to know each other before jumping in the sack. Now I'm not talking about a couple of dates, and hazzah! I am talking about a nice chunk of time. I am just curious because for the last couple of years, I have been looking for this breed of female. I am just curious really. Do they have some gathering place? I don't mean women who ...

11 response(s), 36 votes
fastlearner63 63 F
8  questions
older women - 7/15/2021

do all the men on a.f.f. look for the 18year old female with the perky tits and tight ass..??? there are a lot of us older females here who are as sexy...and well have the knowledge of how to please a male ..i am to a relaxed place in my life where the dont know on the bedroom door..or up all night sick..and just wonder why ..they go for the younger females...????and ...

56 response(s), 121 votes
will i find the guy that i am looking for? - 7/15/2021

I am trying to find someone that is decent and will be patient with me knowing that i have a that lives with me and that i am not always going to be able to give him the attention that he needs and wants but respects me and my body aswell. am i setting my sights up to high or not high enough? he doesnt have to be a pretty boy but he does need to know on how to look after themselves.

10 response(s), 9 votes
Was your first time worth it?? - 7/15/2021

I was a freshman in Highschool and skipped school with my girlfriend. Went to her house, it was the first time for her as well. Her mom came home for lunch almost got caught. Both of us naked under her bed till she left. Yes for me it was worth every second of it. <br> Was your first time what you hoped it would be? and where. <br> If you were then I'm sorry to hear that. ...

2 response(s), 4 votes
Fantasys on back! - 7/15/2021

Have You ever Made love to a Person in a Haystack in the Barn or On Horseback? Ummmmmm....Cum on lets hear from you!

5 response(s), 6 votes
rm_MasterEbOnIc 41 M
1  question
how can one maintaine sanity - 7/15/2021

one may lose sanity through a rough lesson in life well as a i found that to lose one sanity hade to be an extream like lossing ones family member, still a one can cope with the pain by covering it up to be strong for the other members of the family. having such a divirce chalenge as a it can cause a young to lose an emotion that is key to being a person of sanity. over the years what ...

1 response(s), 0 votes
Well , Once every 6 to8 weeks too much pressure? - 7/15/2021

Wow, Im getting bashed here. Yes been to the doctors with her. yes I am patient, yes I hold hands, try to cuddle, I light the candles, make romantic dinners, I cook 6/7 times a week and do the dishes.I spend most of the time with my , I watch him all the time and stay home so she can get out of the house. I even get along with her ex husband and she visits him and talks to him all the ...

8 response(s), 15 votes
sex after (For the ladies mainly) - 7/15/2021

How many women out there have ? If you do and you have at least 2, do you still want sex? I ran into a problem with my wife where after she had our second she just wasn't interested anymore, is anyone else like this?

5 response(s), 3 votes
gonzo729 54 M
4  questions
Here we go! - 7/15/2021

I'm more than likely going to get mostly negative responses to this one. I' more than a little put off by many of the responses directed towards "cheaters" here. A man says he's married & he's scum of the earth for doing this to his wife. Look thru the womens profiles, you'll find plenty that are married & looking for a little somthing on the side. That's okay because somehow the man must ...

10 response(s), 24 votes
needingsomeloven 48 M
1  question
no sex in a relationship is that wrong? - 7/15/2021

I got back together with my ex-wife and we have two wonderfull girls. But now she does not want to have sex or even sleep in the same bed. So I decided to go on this web page. When we were divorced she would have flings and now does not want anything to do with sex, since she had a bad exsperince when she was you. But it did not slow us down before or after our divorce. So i'm I wrong for ...

4 response(s), 3 votes
In rebut to DR.PHIL comment - 7/15/2021

I have been patiently waiting for two years for the roller coaster to stop with the wife. I am stuck.I quit my job and became Mr Mom from day One. I was the one up all night , she had nice meds to keep her sleeping.we saved enough money where we did not have to work. She does not work now, she sleeps most of the time.I went back to work only to have to come back home because it was too ...

9 response(s), 5 votes
Why is it A MAN can forgive and forget,Women never do? - 7/15/2021

We recently had a huge arguement with Her over something that happened four years ago. Something that was said. <br> We men have them with ex girlfiends and or wifes just the same. We are men that stay home , non controling.want to be faithful, attentive, a good listener , communicator, romantic, spontaneous, giving, hard working, space givers, non jealous, cooks , helpers ...

7 response(s), 8 votes
How to approach a thong wearing ? - 7/15/2021

I feel like a dirty old man at school most of the time. Thongs and tight young flesh everywhere! Occassionally there would be a 5 second long eye to eye conversation but nothing serious. Just wondering how do an almost 40 year old approach young hot cuties. Surely, a few of them would have a fantasy about screwing the life out of an older man like myself. Just don't want to get embarrassed ...

6 response(s), 4 votes
looneytunes88 48 F
2  questions
enyone met a family member during a dogging session - 7/15/2021

I was having fun out with my partner dogging and afew gents had joined in my favorite position is doggy style as you can have more men not bothering who they are, after one session i was being taken from behind and blow jobbing a guy in front of me when they swopped, during the swap over i saw that the man who had been behind me was my step father so i stopped and we were both really ...

2 response(s), 13 votes
KinkyCandyLicker 45 M
55  questions
Man or stud? - 7/15/2021

Right now there are a lot women trying to sleep with me. For what reason, I don't know? Don't get me wrong, I love the attention, blow jobs, and all the great sex. I do use protection every single time, I'm not a fool. I'm a single guy so I'm not cheating on anyone but, there's so many I feel like it's a job not a pleasure sometimes. I know I shouldn't be complaining but, If I sleep with ...

5 response(s), 3 votes
Emailing a family member's ex girlfriend - 7/15/2021

I am emailing the exgirlfriend of a family member. He has specifically told me he doesn't want me to talk to her. He says he doesn't want her to know that I am related to him. He claims she will get mad at him. <br> She is the mother of their deceased . He doesn't like her, for unmentioned reasons. I am not interested in dating her or even having sex with her. I am getting a ...

5 response(s), 3 votes
looneytunes88 48 F
2  questions
is he gay or not ???? - 7/15/2021

my best friend ever was worried that his was gay not that it matters to me. any how he would often bring his who was 17 at the time over to my house during parties, meals and such like. all very respectable i might add he is a lovely lad but his father was obsessed whether he was gay or not. so his started babysitting for me and my previous partner and would sleep over. after about 3 ...

4 response(s), 7 votes
rm_horny_dad4 53 M
0  questions
So why are you here? - 7/15/2021

I've just recently started here on this site to see what it was all about and what kind of people you can find here. So far I've seen all types of people from arrogant to timid. What I want to know is why all of you have joined. I've read some articles where people talk about what makes them run from a profile, what they look for, and what kind of person they are looking for. Everyone ...

19 response(s), 42 votes
hotwifejen 53,1951 C
0  questions
Why do married men love it when their wives dress up and act like sluts in public? - 7/15/2021

My husband loves it when I dress like a and go to dance clubs and bars. He watches in the corner as I dance with other men and buy me drinks. Then is surprised when I ask to bring one home to fuck... I give up.

8 response(s), 10 votes
??? - 7/15/2021

Hi, why is that some man think that they can e-mail you their with saying as little as call me ! Do men really think us ladies will jump at that chance with out so much as knowing a little bit about them ? I for one do not answer e-mails with just a phone number. What about others what do u do ? thanks

39 response(s), 77 votes
wifey3223 55 F
227  questions


7 response(s), 7 votes
looneytunes88 48 F
2  questions
why so many idiots???????????? - 7/15/2021

I joined this site to meet new people and have fun which by large thats what i've had. yes i like sex and i'm not affraid to admit it but the amount of emails /messages i get from idiots just saying "wanna shag", "lets get it on", " i can fuck u hard" where is the profile, the photo, the chat up, the smooth talk and most of all honesty i'm honest on site i dont consider myself a slag ...

10 response(s), 15 votes
wifey3223 55 F
227  questions
what would youre mother&parents think? - 7/15/2021

what would the mom in the suburbs with the white pickett fench think of her or on here?some people have very taste ful pics&some dont?what would you say?would you leave Free Social Sex Network then?what if she, he or them thought you were no diffrent then a sex predator? how would you feel? you all know this subject was on opera?watched some thats what we are?do you think?if you dont think so go tell ...

3 response(s), 2 votes
24u2touch 70,1970 C
15  questions
Exploring the Body with JUST touch - 7/15/2021

Might Seem a little odd or even to much for the system to stand. Although it is a fantisy of ours. One we would love to see manophest into the delightfull pleasure we vision. Is i possible or just a fantisy? For a couple that has never met other then on the IM chatting. To meet on a blined date and exchange in full body 's all night jumping in and out of the Hot tub lying naked on the bed ...

2 response(s), 2 votes
Stars12Dong 53 M
64  questions
What Do You Think ? - 7/15/2021

My lady and I was getting ready to go out to eat one day but, before we could leave she wanted to put on some more lipstick . She was unable to find her lipstick in her handbag so , she dumped out her bag and out flew a empty condom wrapper (we don't use condoms her tubes are tied) . So she started saying that she had know ides where it came from and that she can't believe that it was in ...

5 response(s), 1 vote
wifey3223 55 F
227  questions


4 response(s), 4 votes
rm_DandA98404 64 C
4  questions
What is the difference between a Slut and a Ho? - 7/14/2021

This question seams like it would be a matter of individual taste. However, I have found some spacific differences in the two. I want ALL the ladys who read this to know that I LOVE and RESPECT every one of you for who you are. I find that there's three types of women that MEN look for. Those are, Slut, and Take Home To Mom. At a certain age unmarried men as well as married men begin to ...

3 response(s), 3 votes
rm_bigdaddyjinx 51 M
0  questions
Ladies, why is it hard for some women to date a single father? - 7/14/2021

For the past 5 years of my life, I have been a single father of two beautiful and wonderful . I have raised my and since they were 4 and 1. In that time, I have only been in one serious relationship, and that ended due to the fact, the my ex-fiance, yes, I almost married her, called my a racial slur. Starts with an "N", so don't think too hard. And henceforth, I have had nothing but ...

6 response(s), 2 votes
icebreakerneeded 48,1943 C
1  question
Is being a parent a turn off? - 7/14/2021

Maybe I am just feeling this wrong but when we talk to someone on Free Social Sex Network who does not have and we tell them that we do, I always get the feeling that it is a turn off for them. Whether it be a young couple or a single man. Is it a turn off or am I just crazy?

6 response(s), 2 votes
Zero Sex Drive - 7/14/2021

We are both in our mid 40's. I have the sex drive of a but she has absolutely nothing. I have to initiate ALL the time. Once I persuade her(which I don't enjoy doing because I feel like I am begging) she is heavily into it and wants me to be the energizer bunny. We have sex only one every 2 or 3 weeks and I feel as though it should be more. We have been together for 8 years and she has ...

4 response(s), 2 votes
rm_KathyHZ 69,1969 C
17  questions
Should be lega? - 7/14/2021

It seems to me that LOTS of people are looking for safe sex. In this age of danger and disease, shouldn't we just legalize to make it safer and easier to obtain? Nevada seems to have no problem with it, so why haven't other states joined in?

9 response(s), 5 votes
melandy 42 C
1  question
are men attracted to women with ? - 7/14/2021

i was just wondering if men are attracted to women who have . do they think the woman will be easy? or more sexual? maybe a silly question but it's something i have wondered since my first .

4 response(s), 1 vote
rm_banacealtach 47 F
2  questions
What is talking dirty? - 7/14/2021

I love to talk dirty before, during and after sex and masturbation but talking dirty seems to mean different things to different people. What I really enjoy is describing in detail my fantasies or what I really want to do/have done to me there and then ie I want you to cum inside my hot, tight little cunt or you feel really big, can you feel me squeezing you...? I'm cumming round your ...

18 response(s), 81 votes
notenufluvin4me 52 M
3  questions
Does species really matter? - 7/14/2021

One time I made my girlfriend mad she decided to mince my member. It was so bad that the doctors couldn't save it. Since there were no penile donors nearby, they had to look at "alternate" solutions. Turns out a farmer nearby had to put a down, and since they had no other choice... <br> I couldn't believe it myself at first, either. Why would a doctor sugically ...

6 response(s), 8 votes
Imasexyguy2005 58 M
3  questions
Should............?!?!?!?!?!? - 7/14/2021


7 response(s), 2 votes
rm_pavy_555 49 M
16  questions
should porn be censored - 7/14/2021

i had got an outstanding response when i asked about the real need for the right sexual education we also in the forum came to an common ultimatum that pornography could give negative education <br> lets put this question on the dice how important it is to censor pornography In china they have put a ban on watching porn here in india DAY BY DAY ITS INSECURE to watch porn in ...

19 response(s), 46 votes
rm_pavy_555 49 M
16  questions
the importance of sexual education - 7/14/2021

out here , i see that many youth in search sexual education during their teens go in to pornographic sites that show sometimes more of sexual expoitation in a erratic way here sexual education is not taught to during the teenage and that could pave in for misery as students learn false knowledge through pornography etc parents are concerned do u think learning the right sexual ...

10 response(s), 19 votes
when has it gone to far!!! - 7/14/2021

ok i have this friend he is just a sex friend.. and we don't meet all the time not even every week.. but about a week ago i was stayin at a friends house, he calls at 3am. and says i will b over to ur place in 2 mins to fuck.. well i guess the first place i messed up was lettin him know where i live.. but anyway.. i told him i wasn't home, that i was at a friends.. he said ok well then i ...

5 response(s), 2 votes
sharesherry4all 57 F
1  question
Am I messing her up? - 7/14/2021

I am a single mother of a 17 year old , I am sexually active and as open as I think I can be, but I do not always tell her of my encounters even when she ask directly. Do I need to tell her or my encounters or am I entitled to my privacy. Of course I am very inquisitive of her and her relationships. Do I owe her the same openess and honesty I expect? If so would I be setting an example that ...

10 response(s), 6 votes
rm_rapkins 37 M
1  question
nice guys? - 7/14/2021

This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours of whining and bitching about what assholes guys are, while disproving the very point. This is dedicated to those guys who always provide a shoulder to lean on but restrain themselves to tentative hugs, those guys who hold open doors and give reassuring pats on the back ...

3 response(s), 4 votes
OMG_Lizzy 67 F
0  questions
Is everyone aware of female condoms?? - 7/14/2021

I hear it all the time, especially from my 's friends (they ask me all sorts of questions like I'm "The Sunday Night Sex Show" host) that they or their partner can't or won't wear condoms cause of the lack of sensation or cause they makes them go limp or blah blah blah. Most are simply excuses but there is a very simple way to solve the problem, the girl/woman can wear a femdom, a female ...

4 response(s), 8 votes
T7hOmas 59 M
1  question
T7hOmas is back....Problem 2..i think not ! - 7/14/2021

Hi folks, looks like a different approach is required. For all of you that replied to my last posting...thank you one and all...some of the replies were really funny...good senses of humour out there...though some of you really need to pop a chill pill lay back and smell the Java baby....even though the majority of you do not like the sound of me and my problems....I am back ! Two ...

4 response(s), 1 vote
rm_BigDnLady 40 C
25  questions
Pregnant pussy? - 7/14/2021

Ok!! Here is the thing, I just saw this really sexy pregnant woman, and was looking at my own and truly enjoyed being pregnant!! But my question is rooted in something an ex of mine use to tell me about fucking a pregnant woman! He said it was nothing like it, that it was even wetter and it was just hot to fuck a pregnant woman!! (We had sex the entire time I was pregnant!) <br> ...

6 response(s), 1 vote
denia78 46 F
11  questions
what makes someone a sugar daddy or sugar mama? - 7/14/2021

i get asked this alot and contrary to popular belief asking for one does not make u a ...think of it this way...geishas catered to men and were some of the highest paid women in japan...well for me i think of it as a relationship without the me a mistress or even a ...courtesans weren't hookers either by the way...they received gifts from wealthy suitors...many fell in love ...

10 response(s), 42 votes
on vasectomy - 7/14/2021

I'm a judge on diverce cases and the ratio of split tails comeing into my cort with another mans is woping 3/4% for some slow people out there is 75 out of 100 are raised by a good loveing father but the real father was denied hi rights to see there because condom broke or they didn't have one and she couldn't keep her leggs closed and the men they had done there deeds with think ...

23 response(s), 39 votes
ouch that hurts - 7/14/2021

why don't more men in the field of play get vasec it hurts but not that much and it isn't that much you can get them if you pay up front for $700 or less just have to have soft sex for the first week or so then you don't have to worrie about getting a call telling you that your reqested at a lab for a sample I have seen it happen and end up paying for a you didn't want to make and face ...

1 response(s), 1 vote
icewineroses 63 F
17  questions
Why is it that everytime we women go to the restroom - 7/14/2021

we meet other women, exchange recipes, talk about , about sex or even make new friends. A man just goes in and does his business and leaves. I'm curious to know your responses?

10 response(s), 5 votes
kym0862 60 F
9  questions
And you wonder why the ratio of men to women is so high - 7/14/2021

This question is for the guys. I know a lot of guys think that because a women puts up a profile on this site that you are in affect advertising themselves as a type of , and feels that it gives them the right to treat the woman on this site anyway they want to. <br> So my question is for the guys that think this way. Why do you think that any women that puts up a profile on ...

10 response(s), 10 votes
Am I Free Of Him Now? - 7/14/2021

I posted a question last month about my ex-fiance. He at the time was currently in jail for domestic violence and of me. He was just recently released a couple of days ago. He still has a sentencing hearing to attend but took a plea. I still have a few items that belong to him but do not know where to send it. Some of it is furniture. I am surrounded by the gifts he gave and I love. But ...

11 response(s), 6 votes
Is it ever okay to cheat? - 7/14/2021

This is really aimed at the females, but male input works too. My wife has lost interest in sex completely after the birth of our . I mean zero interest. After months of abstinence and years of talking about her waning interest, I have decided to try to find a mistress or girlfriend or homewrecker (you choose the word). Technically, I know this is wrong, but I am tired of no sex or ...

8 response(s), 3 votes
DarangeDaddy 44,1943 C
2  questions
Who should pay??? - 7/14/2021

If males wasnt so horny all the time. And females were. Would they pay for sex? See guys were dumb, for I used to be dumb. Pussy the same. There's a slit, It get wet and we break your backs to please females. But dick comes in different sizes right? I mean there thick ones, long ones, short ones, to Uh-Huh(too big). Just think for a minute now..... You know you got a big dick, and females ...

8 response(s), 64 votes
Married men--have you ever fallen in love with your lover? - 7/14/2021

I'm curious to know if the married men on this site have ever had a lover that they fell in love with--enough to make them possibly want to leave their marriage. And the question that piggybacks onto this--try to be honest--why do you stay married if you are not finding your marriage fulfilling? I'm not sure I buy the excuse that you love your wife but need to find sex elsewhere. Is it ...

6 response(s), 3 votes
kym0862 60 F
9  questions
And you wonder why the ratio of men to women is so high - 7/14/2021

This question is for the guys. I know alot of guys think that because a women puts up a profile on this site that you are in affect advertising themselves as a type of , and feels that it gives them the right to treat the woman on this site anyway they want to. <br> So my question is for the guys that think this way. Why do you think that any women that puts up a profile on ...

3 response(s), 1 vote
serious question... - 7/14/2021

okay, to get to my question, ya'll need a bit of background... <br> i joined the military when i was 18, and when i was 19 i was at my first base over in europe. that being pretty much the first time i was away from home, lower drinking age, etc. i over indulged one evening. the driver (sober) got me back on base and to his room in the dorms, where he me... i didn't report it at ...

4 response(s), 2 votes
wifey3223 55 F
227  questions
met a great man on a site? was entirely to small ? - 7/14/2021

Have you ladies ever met a man, loved his company. He makes you smile , has to many issues & .And to boot his cock is so small you can't tell if its hard or not? lol WOULD YOU STILL STAY OR KEEP HIM? I HOPE NOT , IT WAS ALSO MY BAD MARRIDGE> These kind of men tell you, Love isn't all about sex.HUM it does have a great part of it though. After bad experience, giving men the benefit of ...

16 response(s), 58 votes
rm_alf2911 50,1947 C
1  question
is simulated healthy - 7/14/2021

my partners fantasy is to a play friend using me as his slave to warm her nover before his turn .it sounds exciting but im not sure how to bring this up with a girlfriend or if it is to weird a fantasy any feedback helpful

22 response(s), 55 votes
Is it really possible to just meet and fuck? No chatting? - 7/14/2021

There are some people who strictly demand no chit-chat and only down and dirty sex! Others who will not talk to you unless it will lead to sex. Yet others think its impossible for a man to not want sex if he is talking to a woman. What do you think. I am human and even for a like me its hard to just meet and fuck!

21 response(s), 40 votes
rm_pavy_555 49 M
16  questions
should we be more open about sex - 7/14/2021

hello there out here in my country i see people arent expressive about their sexual matters i really do not understand why people arent that open about this the scapegoat is porn as most critics in the orthodox community feel any impunity like is due to porn <br> i often think that after observing that sex is commerce in most scenarios we have to be more open about it but ...

4 response(s), 16 votes
rm_pavy_555 49 M
16  questions
should we be more open about sex - 7/14/2021

hello there out here in my country i see people arent expressive about their sexual matters i really do not understand why people arent that open about this the scapegoat is porn as most critics in the orthodox community feel any impunity like is due to porn i often think that after observing that sex is commerce in most scenarios we have to be more open about it but there is ...

2 response(s), 1 vote
rm_nabubabu 64 M
2  questions
Male been - 7/14/2021

Is it the ffemales who are only? or the tender boys also get I am not a writer so cant write in detail.can some one take initiative on this subject.

16 response(s), 30 votes
wifey3223 55 F
227  questions

READING the question longthing7 posted made me think of this question. How many of you have slept with others of a diffrent race? Some said lately race has been a issue in our magazine. How many of you care what race you sleep with? I used to care & think there was a diffrence. Actually cacasion men, Ive been with were more romantic. Loved & LICKED ME LIKE A LOLIPOP , my mother grandma ...

7 response(s), 5 votes
How can a married woman still be a virgin after 6 years of marriage? - 7/14/2021

Many people on have read my profile and have ask how is it possible to be married and still be a virgin. I will answer you all here and get ready for your comments. The answer is hymen restoration. My husband is a muslim we had vaginal sex only one time and he learn that he prefer anal sex. So I had my hymen replaced. Where I live many women have had this procedure done and ...

5 response(s), 4 votes
Mccartney2003 44 M
0  questions
Sex with the ex......leading to new wounds or just fun times? - 7/14/2021

My ex wife and myself divorced back in May of 2004 and have kept in touch due to me having sole custody of our two . Lo and behold a year later in May of 2005 she has approached me about having a sexual relationship together. We have both moved on from the time of our divorce. We have found others. And personally I really don't get along with her that well. They make divorce possible ...

15 response(s), 14 votes
angel_withtits 42 F
0  questions
Is wanting to be such a bad thing? - 7/14/2021

I am pondering on this topic, well, because it's my fantasy! I like that feeling of being out of control, but yet feeling so fucking good. Is there anyone else out there that feels this way? I have been "" once before, but he was scared of "hurting" me that it didn't feel "real"! What can I say, I like it rough!! Guys comments are welcome!!! Thanks for responding. Have an ...

14 response(s), 19 votes
mywifesaslut2 56 C
8  questions
why do men like to? - 7/14/2021

leaving a lovely caring wife n at home why do most men like to fuck whores?

1 response(s), 5 votes
Does the justice system unfairly treat men? - 7/14/2021

An earlier question to the board was from a guy that claimed to have been abused. This made me think of a co-worker I knew several years back who was sentenced to 120 years, 30 to serve before possibility of parole for simply not knowing his wife was sexually abusing their ! She got 8 years and he got least a majority of it for not knowing what was happening! The community ...

5 response(s), 3 votes
destineys_wet 45,1945 C
0  questions
if you are a parent and a swinger how do u manage it? - 7/14/2021

I have been a mom for 10 years and have been with hubby for 8 and every year it is harder and harder to hide our life outside of the family. how do u do it, how do u keep up with being happy? If it ever came down to it or life . My come befor anything else. what is your thought?

6 response(s), 13 votes
pinmsa2 51 C
3  questions
Is it Serious - 7/14/2021

having been married for 6 yrs now, life is taking a different turning. I have always fancied slim & sexy women, when i got married, she had that figure 36 24 36.... trust me, but she was always off sex. Now having 2 , she has become somewhat lazy about her figure, it really is a turn off when i see her nude. i have tried sending her to the gym but she is just lazy. what can i do to get this ...

25 response(s), 30 votes
LittleVJ 55 F
100  questions
Public Sex - 7/14/2021

I would think that a great many of people in this lifestyle (as well as outside of it) have had some type of sexual experience in a car or somewhere outdoors. And then of course some have had experiences in places a little more conspicuous. <br> Considering that most of the people here on Free Social Sex Network have a more open minded sexual attitude how do you feel about public sex? Does it appeal ...

18 response(s), 18 votes
recharged 55 M
8  questions
Why do all the prostitutes on Free Social Sex Network not just say that they are pros in their profiles? - 7/14/2021

A number of profiles that are sent to me on my "cupid" report end upew classification for these people. Those of us who dont want to would find using the site much easier and enj being those of pros. Perhaps it is time for Free Social Sex Network to have a noyable.

2 response(s), 4 votes
Shadowfrom1966 73,1958 C
1  question
..should it be legal or not? - 7/14/2021

I've always wondered what other people think, not just the Politicians and Bible wavers either. And yes I realize that this is a sex site but still everyone has their own opinion.. Thanks for responding.

7 response(s), 4 votes
aCId_X_rAIn 38 M
0  questions
strategies to win her back - 7/14/2021

i know its too easy to just answer this with a yes shell come back no she wont answer, but based on the facts ill give you, id like to know everyones opinion. <br> Im a nineteen year old male who had started dating this girl when i was 16. at the time she was 14. now 19, and her 17... we are split. during the two and a half years we were together we had a who is now 1 and a half. ...

13 response(s), 5 votes
rm_Extremappeal 107 C
0  questions
Should We? - 7/14/2021

We started out slowly as soft swingers and have gradually progressed. It gives me extreme pleasure to think my husband might me. And he loves it, too! <br> Anybody else into this? Would you like to try it? I think it's every couple's fantasy, don't you?

10 response(s), 18 votes
cabanaboy3700 56 M
1  question
What do you do with a fridged woman? - 7/14/2021

I recently was divorced. One of the main reasons was thatand I quote" sex was a chore" I am still in therapy for that one. She would lay there, eyes closed, she would go through the motions but come to find out she faked it 90% of the time. Even our marriage..ouch I spent hundrewds of dollars on a catolog of aids, toys, games, videos. Her answer was to find religion and then it was all a ...

5 response(s), 3 votes
Is rythm a good form of birth control? - 7/14/2021

I really dislike using condoms.I like freestyle sex.But Having out of wedlock does not really appeal to me.I don't want to go on the pill.I just want to stay, not pregnant.

14 response(s), 4 votes
Is it ? - 7/14/2021

If a man begs you to do him with a strap on and it sort hurt him a little can he cry ? Or can a 220 pound 6-4 man accuse a 120 pound woman of him because he could not take what he kept begging for? Please keep in mind this man was never tied or cuff he could have move at any time.

13 response(s), 6 votes
Do most men like or love a "Trophy Wife?" - 7/14/2021

Do men really like a "Trophy Wife" and if so why is it that when they have that type of wife with the , picket fence and everything etc.Than why is it that they always want a so called "wilder kind of female to play on the side

5 response(s), 1 vote
love69sodoi 69 M
0  questions
should i stay ?should i go? - 7/14/2021

i have been married 19yrs first 9 happy then my wife decided one day she'd had enough of sex and stopped {i later found out she was seeing an ex friend of mine. when i found out i left her and he dropped her like a stone didn't want the commitment of {mine}. iwas away for two years met a lovely woman and was happy but my young really needed me and visited every day and she couldn't handle ...

7 response(s), 2 votes
FemaleSupaLuva 50 F
19  questions
Enough Katie and Cruise!! - 7/14/2021

Is anyone else sick to their stomach with this gross union between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? <br> Is anyone else NOT charmed by Tom's monkey routine on Oprah? <br> Does anyone else feel She's a fairly young woman under an older man's influence? (Yes, I know exactly how old she is). <br> Does anyone else feel he's being a tad disrespectful to his ex wife and ...

11 response(s), 5 votes
longislander53 70 M
0  questions
Where is the most outlandish place to have sex? - 7/14/2021

While a cadet at West Point a group of us made a bet to see who would have sex in the most outlandish place. There was 40 of us in the bet. <br> I went to the cementary and had my girlfriend on the grave of a former general. Another guy went to New York and did it in Grant's Tomb with pictures to prove it. We even had one contestant that had sex in a dumpster. The winner though ...

5 response(s), 3 votes
rm_cowldcpl 59 C
1  question
disrespect???/ - 7/14/2021

Why do guys think its ok to answer an ad that states in bold letters"NO SINGLE MEN!!YOU BE WASTING YOUR TIME AND OURS". Yet they still do..with what seems to be bigger balls then a elephant . then get offended when you call them on it.. I am totally dumdfounded at how guys, for whatever reason think your not talking about them. Another thing, Whats with the pics of them holding there ...

8 response(s), 17 votes
00023000 50 M
3  questions
Does size matter? - 7/14/2021

I posted this as an article (Size does matter) but feel it fits here too. To recap: I've been with several chicks who were really happy to see my 9in cock and would complain about guys with little dicks. When I was a and experimenting with sex my gf told me she had a guy with a 14in cock and said that I was below average. My idol growing up said (after I told him my size) that he was ...

26 response(s), 32 votes
albedo4800 47 M
4  questions
What would you classify as being pervert? - 7/14/2021

There are several things I guess where there seems to exist a common sense of a sexual practice being classified as pervert (or maybe not). Like having sex with animals, or fantasies. But I wonder what the general attitude is on this on sex practices. I wonder if that is a matter of time we live in. I remember reading that anal and oral sex was seen as being a pervert act as well but it is ...

7 response(s), 2 votes
Is it ever okay to cheat? - 7/14/2021

This is really aimed at the females, but male input works too. My wife lost interest in sex completely after the birth of our . I mean zero interest. After months of abstinence and years of talking about her waning interest, I have decided to try to find a mistress or girlfriend or homewrecker (you choose the word). Technically, I know this is wrong, but I am tired of no sex or intimacy. ...

14 response(s), 10 votes
rm_reisaree 42 F
31  questions
Is this appropriate? - 7/14/2021

Ok..just looking for others feelings on this.... Would you take your 18 year old with you to a techno club that allows 18 and older in it? FYI...No drinking, drugs or anything of the sort involved. Just loud music and fun.

14 response(s), 6 votes
The High School........ Reunion? - 7/14/2021

"School's out for summer, School's out forever." .....or is it. <br> As I watch my grow up and go through most of the same issues I went through I am reminded of people I knew back in high school, in particular the people I was attracted to. As my high school reunion looms ever closer, I am curious to see how the people I knew, friends or not, have changed. I have run into ...

3 response(s), 2 votes
Swinging Couples w/? Are they safe? - 7/14/2021

Just read a post from a lady who has a young that has been doing some inappropriate internet behavior. Just wondering how many swinging couples out there with worry about their safety? Do you bring people you barely know into your home around your ? I still believe the parents of the girl who got killed in San Diego should have been held more responsible for that innocent sweet 's death. ...

4 response(s), 3 votes
Strong Will Woman - 7/14/2021

She comes from a long line of women who have always been head of the household and called the shots, and NEVER had any strong male role models around. In that situation one can only understand a woman being that way. But those near and dear to her need to know "that she" cares because the words "I love you" and hugs and other signs of affection are hard to come by from this woman. ...

7 response(s), 4 votes
JustDoIt040553 69 F
1  question
Is It Right - 7/14/2021

A friend of mine put in a question about married people dating each other and you him pretty bad. I don't get it But its ok for misskrissy to have an afair. why him and people say go for it for her. what good for one is good for the rest. Tell me if I am right ?

19 response(s), 41 votes
rm_lovechild54 55 M
6  questions
Married with !!!!! - 7/14/2021

We have been married for 12 years now and have 2 boys 11 and 7. My question is ........ How can we find more private time together without around???? We both work.She gets off at 5:30 and I sometimes do not get home till around midnight.There are no babysitters here.(JAPAN) All of our friends who have say just do it when he gets home!!! I need food and a shower first, by then it's almost ...

7 response(s), 6 votes
morefun4u5 50 M
0  questions
Sex with a best friend - 7/14/2021

I have been friends with...will call her Dana...for years and now I find myself married with 2 but living in the same city as Dana. Last time we saw each other we had some incredible sex, now she is also married but should we start seeing each other on the side? We ususally go out with our spouses on the weekends but I just think that we will get caught, any ideas?

5 response(s), 1 vote
what kind of man could do this? - 7/14/2021

what kind of man could cheat with a married women? with a family, encourage her to leave her husband and or family for years, while she still maintains a real relationship with her husband and ? Is he dellusional, infatuated? Will he ever be able to truly trust a woman that can live in both world at one time not sure where to go and when to jump or not. Should the husband put up with this ...

7 response(s), 2 votes
israelit2003 66 F
76  questions
A picture is worth a thousand words - 7/14/2021

I was "checked out" by this man who has not posted a picture on his profile for me to view. He sends me a short bussines like Email telling me he is seeking a relationship with a mature no game playing woman and gives me his number to contact him at any time. I tell him thanks but i want to see his face before i go any further to which he replies "i own a small business and i don't ...

13 response(s), 9 votes
Where is the respect ???? - 7/14/2021

Why are some people on this site so hateful ? You look at people on here and they say Be Open, Be Honest, Be respectful, and so forth. But you join a group.You are very polite, honest, open, respectful, your share your heart and feelings with them.Because you feel your amoung friends.You flirt and around in a very respectful way.Like the rest are doing. Then some members, not ...

10 response(s), 6 votes
IS IT BAD - 7/14/2021

I have been married for 14 years. I love my husband and my . Here is my ?, I want to be with a woman, is that weird. Should I tell my husband? Please help.

9 response(s), 7 votes
SweetandWild27 48 F
4  questions
beauty is in the eye of the beholder - 7/14/2021

This is actually for the men, But women can answer this too. Men, would You or would You not date or have sex with a woman that has had surgries on her stomach, from having or from some other reason, and thats also including Stretch Marks...And men, This is Not including any of Your Wives..This Is a Question for the married men on here thats looking for extra Fun on the side, or For the ...

69 response(s), 114 votes
What was she thinking? - 7/14/2021

I met a nice lady from here and after a couple of short emails she gave me her address and invited me over to her house. We saw each other a couple of times and decided that we didn't really match. She lives alone with her teenage and was at NO time in danger from me (I'm a respectful guy) but honestly..don't you think that was kind of reckless on her part? <br> ~Aces

12 response(s), 14 votes
Please be brutally honest!!! - 7/14/2021

It is my assumption that a lot of people lie in their profile, i have some proof. Please, everyone, can you just put the bloody truth down, cos you could put yourself out of contention, not many people are looking for someone who can do everything and is sexy and beautiful and outgoing and into new things, and with and work i ask you how many hours do you get to use in one day, just be ...

29 response(s), 34 votes
Ladies of Genuine Desire; are you in need Like myself? - 7/14/2021

I am married, and am in need of some Serious Attention. The attention I speak of could be as easy as the following: a Slow & Electrifying massage, Copulation at Night with a Woman I barely know, a Local House Call for Dining/Dessert, a slight & sexy nudge to my Hand, an accidental brush of a woman’s Breast to my Right Arm, or an intended but Soft grope of a women's fingers across my ...

3 response(s), 4 votes
wishful525 49 F
0  questions
Does It Make Me a ?? - 7/14/2021

Just because I'm a 30 yr old female who has a sex drive that is uncontrolable I have 2 2yrs and 9yrs girls of course I have a live in Boyfriend who is 28 yrs old we have sex yes but I want a hanve a burning need for more so much more I'm bi of course thats cool to any many and it's fine to fuckanother chick or bring them for BOTH of us...He does not go out of ourrelationship on his ...

12 response(s), 4 votes
50 Ways To Leave a Lover: Which did you choose? - 7/14/2021

Okay, I know I am eventually going to leave and actually have started thinking about it. Just don't know the best way, when, how, or if I can leave without hurting her feelings. Should I find a female to move in with (doesn't sound right). Leave a note? Maybe she will lose her mind? Should I take my with me or leave him with her? Maybe she will hurt him? Maybe I'm not all that and she will ...

12 response(s), 2 votes
Couple??? or Single??? - 7/14/2021

Hi ... just a general question?? Why if you folks have ads on here as a "couple" other couples get "hits" from the Male of other couples..asking to swing alone??. Now we know...different strokes for different folks..but isn't the point of "couples" ad to share things together as a "couple". No offense intented..just asking )

7 response(s), 5 votes
Really Like this Girl, but confused whats going on - 7/14/2021

I know this girl who owns a Subway next to my office. I love sandwiches and so would eat there almost 4 to 5 times a week. About two months after I first started going there, she noticed that I order almost the same stuff everytime, " Traditional, Large, on Wheat". She joked that I better tell her my name or she'd start calling me "Mr. Traditional". Now this happened after ...

9 response(s), 1 vote
rm_brjn1 47 C
0  questions
Blood Donors and Safe Sex - 7/14/2021

We have read on the advice lines before that the easiest way to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases in America is to be a blood donor, and that donors are given a certificate to say they are healthy. <br> Is this really what happens over there? <br> In the UK our blood transfusion service has a policy of refusing blood donations from people who have had ...

19 response(s), 32 votes
1  question
whats really going on - 7/14/2021

I have a man i've been with for 3 yrs. I love him with all my heart. He wants to get married and have one day. I don't have that desire in my heart. Although i do have one desire he does not know about... I love women, and have been with a few since we;ve been together. lately im not really in the mood for sex (at least with him) but if i close my eyes and think about one of my sexual ...

5 response(s), 2 votes
How would you feel if this happened to you????? - 7/14/2021

This not only happened to me once in high school but twice and then again about nine weeks ago. <br> I was a sophomere in high school and was going steady with this girl.One weekend after we had been going together about 6 months we had a date scheduled for a Friday nite. In fact it was the first Friday after football season ended. I will never forget because I was on that football ...

12 response(s), 8 votes
Tried to get a date and was ref. to a service same lady - 7/14/2021

Has anyone else had this problem. I tried to make a date with a lady on Free Social Sex Network, Got a reply back if I was really interested in her to go to this other site. When I did it was an service, and yes she was one of the . However they wanted my credit card info, I of course didn't give it. Is this some sort of scam?

2 response(s), 2 votes
our youth exposed to the size question. - 7/14/2021

watching tv tonight they played a "male enhancement" product commercial during almost every break in the regular programming. not only did they play it but they played two versions of the same commercial back to back EVERY time the commercial aired. this was during the dinner hour. <br> my question here is; what, if anything do you think these kind of commercials may be doing to ...

11 response(s), 32 votes
Would you try to change your 's sexual preference? - 7/14/2021

I have a friend with a teenage gay . She loves him and accepts him as is, but she desperately wants grandchildren someday. Since he has never been with a woman, she wants him to experience sex with a woman before making a "final decision" on being gay. <br> Would you try to change your 's sexual preference so you could have grandchildren? I know most people will make the ...

13 response(s), 5 votes
afuntimeinpa21 53 M
9  questions
Is it true that many ladies prefer black cock? - 7/14/2021

Not sure how to go about asking this one but here goes: An ex gf told me one time that the only way she really gets hot and can enjoy sex with any white guy is to fuck a black man first. This she said was true mainly after she got done riding her . She loves hourses and has a couple, male only, and says that nothing come closer to a cock then a black man. She claims that when shes ...

10 response(s), 11 votes
What do men like better? - 7/14/2021

When dressing up in costume and roll playing which do you like better on a Woman: 1- I dream of Jeanie 1- The Secratary 3- The 4- Zeena The Bondage woman 5- You tell me your ideas? <br> Im just very couriouse on some Fantasys here..

13 response(s), 9 votes
Do men always neglect one breast over another? - 7/14/2021

Is there something unique and special about every breast that gives it its own personality?? It seems similar to parents telling their , "we love you all equally" when it's the furthest from the truth. Besides, it's hard for a man to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Personally, I suspect that most men would be much happier with just a single large perky breast in the middle of ...

13 response(s), 12 votes
The mature re-fined lady - 7/14/2021

I am about to embark on a hopefully torried affair with a beautiful sexy gorgeous older lady of 50, who i met at a petrol station, she has 3 teenage and according to her a teenage over weight inactive uninterested wealthy husband, he no longer wants to fuck her only when hes pissed, he doesnt talk to her only to ask wheres his dinner is, he spends most of his time either at the club or on ...

4 response(s), 2 votes
What's the best way to ask a couple if.....? - 7/14/2021

Hello all, <br> we live in a small town that supposedly has alot of swingers in it. The problem is that because its a small town, no-one says anything about it. We are trying to find the best way to ask a couple if they swing without a) getting laughed at; b) getting hit; or c) without the entire town finding out about our lifestyle. We personally don't mind but it may make ...

10 response(s), 57 votes
rm_kirk6215 71 M
0  questions
Cowboys what do you think of them? - 7/14/2021

I have written you on serveral occasions and now that you are back in Mich I would like to chat with you and take you back riding and get back to nature, to show you a new world.

2 response(s), 1 vote
petitscorpion 43 F
1  question
  - 7/14/2021

Have You already payed someone for having sex with that person ? How much did You pay ?

42 response(s), 70 votes
rm_6Inquest9 41 C
0  questions
Parenting Question - 7/14/2021

Well here is our pickle. Me and my gf have been dating for almost 3 months....she has 2 of her own which is more then fine with myself. Our pickle is that they are both young and the youngest *her * is her ex's . My ex-roomate and SUPPOSED friend...the problem is that her has never reeally know his dad as "dad" and after her had seen me for 3-4 times each time for no longer then 3 hours ...

7 response(s), 3 votes
A question to be answered. How do u become a male ? - 7/14/2021

one day i'm coming back from my high school (2 years ago) to my apartment when suddenly a black man in a car stopped in from of me and asked me if i would like to have sex (by the way i'm straight) in a 3some with a woman, at first i kind of douted because i had never done that before and also the thought of another man there it kinda seen gay [was my thought] {i got ...

6 response(s), 6 votes
looking4friend30 49 M
0  questions
Not sure what to do - 7/14/2021

I am 30 and my ex g/f is 19 we have a 4 month old together and still live together for money reasons and I also want to help her raise him for the first year together. the problem is is that she broke up with me after the baby was born. I told her that I only wanted a baby if we was going to stay togehter I did not want to be a part time dad again. she let me believe that is what was going ...

10 response(s), 4 votes
69forudear 61 M
0  questions
Sex after a vasectomy - 7/14/2021

I had one about 11 years ago because after my wife popped out 2 and had a couple of miscarriages I thought it was only fair that I would go under the knife since she had to endure all that other stuff. Since that time sex has been fantastic. <br> My question is: Is this just a mental thing? Knowing that you won't have to worry about another baby knocking on your door, and am I ...

8 response(s), 6 votes
Sex with lactating women - 7/14/2021

My wife and I had our firsst a few months ago. We find it incredibly erotic to have sex while she is lactating. We think it would be hot to find another couple with a lactating woman to experiment with. Has anyone ever tried this? What did you think?

3 response(s), 2 votes
rm_Aubsha 35 M
0  questions
Problem - 7/14/2021

Recently I slept with a freind of the familes . Now the problem with this is she is 18 i am 23. this is a big difference in my family as well as hers and our community. I hadnt seen her since she had been back from college, and man she caught me totally off guard she is hot and mature now! She now has become really really clingy and I dont know what to do. I do like her alot though, i ...

6 response(s), 2 votes
spinmedown 46 M
13  questions
Legalizing ? - 7/13/2021

I was wondering if the legalizing of in the US would have any effect on adult websites like this one. This site's home-page boasts phrases like, "Find a Sex Partner!" and "Interact With Hot Women!". Clearly these phrases are meant to attract men, and I hear that men outnumber women by a wide margin on this site and probably on the other sites as well. <br> -------Please ...

10 response(s), 21 votes
WHAT SHALL I DO, HELP................. - 7/13/2021

Here is a serious situation and I NEED advice from mature ladies and married men. It’s all about a married person whose whole life is around his wife and . Before marriage, I was involved in M/M Sex, and I decided to keep myself away after my marriage. I tried my best to cope with the requirement of married life. It worked well, my wife is happy with me. In spite of all this, there ...

15 response(s), 30 votes
rm_bigg_cali 55 M
0  questions
what went wrong - 7/13/2021

I knew when i met my wife that she needed lots of attention from men. I loved her enough and she seemed to love me, to allow her to be with whomever she wanted as long as she was honest and talked about the encounter with me so it could be something we shared. Turns out she couldnt be honest and fell for one of her lovers and now all she wants to do is go out to the bars with him and leave ...

12 response(s), 8 votes
hot_horny_695 28 F
1  question
Sex Partners - 7/13/2021

How many sex partner can one have without be called a ?

18 response(s), 17 votes
why, do women in general always fall for the people who treat them like crap? - 7/13/2021

I am just curious, I've dated two guys, one I was with for over 11 years and had three with him, he was always putting me down and pushing me around and yet I could not make myself leave until after he beat me up so bad that I ended up in the hospital. The second guy I dated was extremly jealous and he ended up cheating on me and trying to convince me that it was my fault that he couldn't ...

20 response(s), 34 votes
Creamywhiteass 45 F
2  questions
What is a " stamp"? - 7/13/2021

I was out one night and heard some guys talking about another girl - said they wanted to fuck her and that she would be easy because she had a " stamp." I'm thinking it must be a tattoo?

8 response(s), 9 votes
Wham Bam what's your name mam? - 7/13/2021

Maybe I'm to picky but I'd like to say hello over a drink or a coffee. I'd like to have a first date first. I was a sailor for a while, I've picked women from behind a glass window for sex. I was young and had been on the boat too long, it made sense. I like leagalized . But here, here in my neighborhood I'd like to have a comfortable hello before I throw your legs in the air or wear ...

10 response(s), 26 votes
To stay or to leave? - 7/13/2021

Alright I am asking these questions for advice from an outside person who knows nothing about me. I really do hope you all can give me some insite. I will try to make this as short as possible.THANKS <br> I am currently married and have been for about a year and a half. We have a two year old . He is not the biological father but yes in every sense he is her father. I got pregnant ...

23 response(s), 6 votes
wifey3223 55 F
227  questions
my b.f says you all agree with me >because i re-word things? - 7/13/2021

thats not true, anyone whos met wifey3223 will tell you, im real & down to earth. like i tell him, i call it as i see it. to me hes trying to talk his way out of being a man, doing what he should. he calls us living together, all we do is argue. he feels, im dogging him, putting him down, belittleing him, over talking him. as, i said why? are you hear then. because hes saving money over ...

7 response(s), 8 votes
CAN I MOVE ON? - 7/13/2021

I divorced my husband and have learnt to move on. In fact, I met a wonderful German guy who is now my boyfriend. However, my ex husband is still keen to have me back. We still meet regularly because our 3 year-old stays with him during the week while I have him on weekends. There were days when we were as close as we used to be but his beatings and violence always remind me not to go back ...

5 response(s), 2 votes
Question for straight women - 7/13/2021

For all the 100% straight ladies out there, what would you do if a woman you cared about was attracted to you? How would you handle it; avoid the issue and person, or talk to her? Would it make you evaluate your own feelings for her? It's hard for me to understand what a completely straight woman would feel in this situation. I was in a situation where I was attracted to a woman who was ...

10 response(s), 22 votes
TheCincyKid01 39 M
0  questions
Being a standard member. - 7/13/2021

As a standard member I use the IMC flash and I message strangers here and there even if I cant read their profile. I get a lot of rude responses from people telling me to read profiles first but I dont think they realize that I cant because I am a standard member. I dont ever get rude back, I just tell them Im a standard member and I wont let it happen again, but it does make me think that ...

8 response(s), 28 votes
hard477allday 68 M
11  questions
Men's Wardrobe: What do women prefer? - 7/13/2021

What's up with these who wear there pants below there ass so their Sponge Bob boxers show their immaturity to the world? <br> Remember the day when your Levis had to be skin tight just so the ladies could get a clear view of what you had (or didn't have)? <br> So, WOMEN..... What style Men's Wardrobe catches you attention most? Was ZZ Top right... Every Girl's Crazy ...

12 response(s), 9 votes
StLouisTeacher 59 M
7  questions
Do young guys even know what circucision is? - 7/13/2021

I fully expect to get slapped around for yet another circumcision post in this area. Don't care. <br> Here's why I posted this question. I've checked out a lot of pix of guys who marked "no" on the circumcision part of their profile, yet their pictures show obvious scar tissue and tight skin on their dick shafts. I have personally known two guys (ages 21 and 24) who said they were ...

8 response(s), 11 votes
2  questions
Response, auto or manual - 7/13/2021

This is more a statement then a Question. I've yet to receive a response from a Lady after recieving an "Autoreply" and no reply from countless messages. The only thing I would like to say abount this is just because this is clasified as a sex site shouldn't mean that common curtesy is not included. I see a great amount of profiles saying "be honest, no liars, etc. Then Ladies will complain ...

14 response(s), 8 votes
sandyhotnready 48 F
0  questions
does it mean he's gay or not - 7/13/2021

i'm pretty sure i know the answer to this but i'd love to hear if anyone has any input. see i've been recently separated from someone who when working out of state said he got a . i thought fucking great, and here he wouldn't let go of his own selfish self-satisfying ways long enough to want to do me, his women often enough. now here's the insane part. he would spend hours writing in ...

10 response(s), 6 votes
LittleVJ 55 F
100  questions
From the mouths of babes. - 7/13/2021

Recently my 16 yr. old caught a ride home from school from one of her friends older sisters. While I'm quite familiar with her friends, I'm not familiar with this girl's sister. Or at least so I thought. <br> My said to me that this woman told her that she knew me from a local swingers party. I was a bit taken aback. First because it is something that I had not discussed with my ...

39 response(s), 23 votes
Shankielove83 39 F
0  questions
i have a question to ask the people who are sexually advanced... - 7/13/2021

Ok, I am only 22 and i have only have intercourse with 4 men and 1 woman in my life. and i ( and others) consider myself to be VERY tight. the question is, is it possible that a penis can be too big or long, for a vagina? <br> i know it may sound silly but last night my friend and i decided to have sex for the first time, and granted it was good, but whenever he decided to go ...

8 response(s), 9 votes
rm_vikingman72 51 M
3  questions
I hate Eddie Haskal. How do we dispatch of him? - 7/13/2021

Your post doesn't belong here. You spelled the word fuckc wrong. That question was posted twice allready in the years 01 and 96. <br> Whats with all the fucking hall moniters in the advice pages? <br> Note the question mark. <br> Fine, I will be less angry. A walks into a bar and the bartender asks him why the long face?

15 response(s), 18 votes
Am I A Dog? - 7/13/2021

I have taken a bashing from a few women (I've only gotten a response from a few women) for being a married man who is wanting to cheat on his wife. Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe there is a medical reason that some married women can't have intimacy or sex... and that doesn't then mean that their husband's drive also stops. <br> I married my wife for better or for worse. ...

24 response(s), 17 votes
heresjohnny1981 26 M
14  questions
IS IT OK TO USE.... - 7/13/2021


13 response(s), 12 votes
rm_Sunaptein 55 M
3  questions
Can a couple have truly unconditional love? - 7/13/2021

Is there anybody here who still believes in unconditional love between a couple? I myself believe on strong bonds, but I think unconditional love can only be held by a parent for a . Can you believe in unconditional love, and also be able to verbalize the things that attracted you to that person in the first place? If you can give reasons for attraction, wouldn't those qualify as ...

13 response(s), 2 votes
rm_BiF33Ut 50 F
2  questions
Like I'm Not Going To Notice? - 7/13/2021

Ok, I have fallen among the ranks of the baffled here. You invest time and energy in passing a couple emails back and forth, perhaps a phone call or two, and then the big day comes. It's time to meet face to face. A moment of truth, if you will. <br> You wait for a 40-something man, full head of hair, decent build based on description (or pics), "doesn't scare small " for ...

29 response(s), 25 votes
uk31Sweetie 55 C
2  questions
Getting something in return??? - 7/13/2021

So here is my thing, i have this little fetish of seeing other people, with or without my partner which seems the norm on here. But i want to get something in return!! i dont mean like a but a little like one, the thought that someone is willing to give me something in return for fucking me really does turn me on. <br> Dont get this wrong people, this is not a advertisment for ...

14 response(s), 8 votes
BlindfoldedClit 60 F
3  questions
Shaved or unshaven - 7/13/2021

I am a grown woman and have the usual amount of bodily hair. <br> I've done a few videos and webcams and get quite a lot of comments saying how pleased viewers are to see the hair and the fact that I have not shaved. <br> However, at the same time I get some comments asking me to shave. <br> The main takes my mind takes into account on this are: [1] women ...

14 response(s), 9 votes
BlindfoldedClit 60 F
3  questions
Shaved or unshaven - 7/13/2021

I am a grown woman and have the usual amount of bodily hair. <br> I've done a few videos and webcams and get quite a lot of comments saying how pleased viewers are to see the hair and the fact that I have not shaved. <br> However, at the same time I get some comments asking me to shave. <br> The main takes my mind takes into account on this are: [1] women ...

23 response(s), 19 votes
rm_bifem4cpl666 44 C
1  question
no sleep - 7/13/2021

is there any mums on this site who can give me any advice on getting my 2 too sleep

4 response(s), 2 votes
heresjohnny1981 26 M
14  questions
groups - 7/13/2021

theres a group on this site which is called caught by a family member now i joined it because a had a genuine post to put there(check it out)but some of it sounds more like abuse and insest doyou not think that a.f.f should use some of there control of certain posting that sound a bit unusal

6 response(s), 4 votes
BLkItalCubn11 62 M
5  questions
Not A Question; Just a Rebuttal to SENSUOUS AND SULTRY - 7/13/2021

10/4/2005: Just for sultry and Sensuous. Seems my retaliation against the more ignorant and definitely less than objective and far from observant, feel that I am not able to "formulate the concept of free speech" that in itself is an inaccurate statement. First I DID make clear clarification that this was a DISCUSSION QUESTION. Not sure what these two (SENSUOUS AND SULTRY) find confusing ...

14 response(s), 13 votes
rm_Strawmango 72 M
2  questions
Is coming to this place like going to a candy shop? - 7/13/2021

I came here originally just looking for ONE specific kind of thing, knowing clearly what I was interested in finding. But, after reviewing the many options that you choose from when you create your profile, I found myself choosing more and more of the OTHER "options" which I wouldn't have considered before I came here. Now I find that I've ended up selecting about a dozen kinds of ...

2 response(s), 1 vote
CHOOSING THE ONE - 7/13/2021

WHAT IS A PERSON TO DO WHEN your GIRLFRIEND'S EX COME BACK INTO TOWN AND SHE SUDDENLY STARTS ACTING LIKE YOU DO NOT EXIST, start spend more time with him on the phone, make you watch the while she out wiht him and the ask you where mommy at? She comes to get around 11 or 12 at night and apologize for the late arrival and wont explain when she late. SHe fails to you that while he is town ...

11 response(s), 4 votes
is this fair - 7/13/2021

my husband want to ground our 10 yrs old , we had her before we got married and he mad with her for running up the phone bill to 200 dollars. i told him that was pointless to ground her for that but he threaten to cut off my allowance for speaking up for her. Do you think this is so minor to ground a for. someone already threatened to call protective services on us after she complained ...

15 response(s), 14 votes
WARNING! - Dangerous Sex! - 7/13/2021

I'm completely prepared to be flamed for not asking a question but I do have some advice that I feel should be passed along. <br> A few weeks ago someone posted a question regarding sex in a hot tub. Engaging in this activity myself on a fairly regular basis, I responded by pointing out the concerns of irritation to a woman’s delicate tissue caused by lack of lubrication, ...

10 response(s), 11 votes
Why do you pretend? - 7/13/2021

Why do women, men, and couplesgo through all the trouble of chatting and exchanging and pics if they are never going to meet in person? I dont understand whats the point in being on a site like this if you dont want to actually meet people.

8 response(s), 13 votes
hi - 7/13/2021

my 10 yr old got mad because her dad grounded her. she snuck out of the house while i was sleep and was gone forr a long time. i suspect she has a bf. this is why she ran up the phone bill. i called that number that was on the phone bill and a guy picked up. i tried to talk to him and asked him if he new my . he said no. i suspected he did so i called right back and he picked up but ...

14 response(s), 4 votes
responders - 7/13/2021

every post i put out i get the very same people answering all the time. thanks for being interested in knowing my life. most relatives and neighbors won't even listen to me. but if you would personally email me your telephone number i can call you and get more advice. but i have another issue, my husband was telling me about this friend he has at his job that needs a place to stay ...

24 response(s), 26 votes
Cruisin1on1 to clarify some things for the posters - 7/13/2021

i am female and my shadow appears female to me so i don't know why some people thought i was male. my husband did give me a monkey card but it was awhile back. i didn't get anything for my birthday this year and i'm mad about profile says single because i can put that there if i want and think i may be getting a divorce. what's it to you people anyway that looking for nothing but ...

6 response(s), 7 votes
Ladies and Gentlemen I need your input please. - 7/13/2021

I've been invold in a relationship for over 2 1/2 years now. We meet thur an adult dating site. Iwantu. It started out as just sex and soon there after became more. We have no problems in our sex life or our relationship. We are great friends and lovers. Aug.2004 we found out I was pregnant. He was there for everything....Dr. appointments, ultra sounds, ect.... Oct. 2004 I found out he ...

15 response(s), 13 votes
When illness gets in the way.... - 7/13/2021

I would not consider myself happily married, just married and in a holding pattern. My wife has, for the last seven years since the birth of our second , gotten sicker <br> and sicker. Especially over the past three years, as she has begun to take more and more medications for everything from migraines to depression to fibromyalgia, she has become more and more ...

26 response(s), 20 votes
my skanked husband was sleep - 7/13/2021

i was bored and kind of went through his wallet. i found some lent, 2 tens, a five and three ones and a couple of dimes. then he had some other stuff in his wallet like a ladys picture. this is a differnt lady than the one he pointed out to me on the job to come stay with us temporarily in my last post. i figured this was one of his girlfriends. someone told me that they saw a woman coming ...

11 response(s), 8 votes
my husband has a good job - 7/13/2021

i don't have to work. i just had to tell you all that but anyway he woke up mumbling something about his credit card and i paid him no mind. him and my got into it because she burned up the rice. she was helping me cook. so it messed up dinner. my husband was hollering and yelling. he was so mad and hollering that i could smell his breath from way across the room. he looks so ugly when he ...

11 response(s), 2 votes
barabond 42 M
1  question
Parent Definitions - 7/13/2021

AMNESIA: condition that enables a woman who has gone through labor to have sex again. <br> BOTTLE FEEDING: an opportunity for Daddy to get up at 2 AM too. <br> DEFENSE: what you'd better have around the yard if you're going to let the play outside. <br> DROOLING: how teething babies wash their chins. <br> DUMB WAITER: one who asks if the would care to ...

8 response(s), 6 votes
24  questions
Pre-conceived Notions? - 7/13/2021

I had no preconceived notions of "true love" or anything like that, a bit contrived to expect that from a website. <br> I was mainly looking for pale goth/industrial chicks to have fun with when I signed up here. <br> However, I was not prepared for what I would find. I was expecting single women around my age, but mostly what I've seen "interest wise" are older women, ...

5 response(s), 1 vote
sharesherry4all 57 F
1  question
How do I say thanks - 7/13/2021

I have been on here twice before asking about my behavior and how it is affecting my . Well I am here to just say thanks, I have taken several members advice. Lindsay and I have never bben so close, we are able to share everthing now. After fessing up to my less than desirable deeds she says she now feels she can discuss anything with me with out being misjudged or being embarrased. I admit ...

0 response(s), 5 votes
nice4u47 70 M
2  questions
Straight People - 7/13/2021

Was curious if any one else out there had similar esperiences through their years. A friend of mine when we where in our early teens used to sneak and look at playboys etc. we would play with ourselfs get all excited then stash the magazines. When we both learned that we could fully cum we get together and look at magazines and jack off. One day we decided to get naked and measure our ...

17 response(s), 22 votes
rm_XXX_Lil_imp 44 F
0  questions
evolution in men and female roles - 7/13/2021

The more I study relationships and human behavior the more I notice a change in male and female roles. How does a woman maintain her uniqueness and power as a lady in a man powered world? I wonder if I am the only one who is concerned with the way everything in relationships have changed. Instead of a courtship and a prelonged dating and engagement before marriage, there is only one or two ...

13 response(s), 9 votes
I must have been mistaken. I thought this was a place to get advice. - 7/13/2021

Have I come to the wrong place? I keep asking questions, but I am getting more criticisms than I am advice. <br> Just because I know what I know does not mean I know it all. I am only 22, but I have seen a lot and done a lot. I obviously have things to learn or I would not be here. <br> When a person asks for advice, I would think they are looking for help or ...

15 response(s), 6 votes
Ladies who have had ??? - 7/13/2021

When you had your , did your lover taste your breast milk? If so, did they like it?

14 response(s), 41 votes
rm_Faith352 51 F
0  questions
I need some advice and please don’t hold back… - 7/13/2021

I have met a man from this site and from the minute we met, there was an instant connection, one that doesn’t happen very often. A friend of mine met us for drinks one night and said that “there are definite fireworks between the two of us” We share some of the same experiences, same values, and family upbringing. <br> He has been married for 14yrs, recently ...

18 response(s), 13 votes
iownahouseforsex 46 M
1  question
why would an uncut cock be tasteful? - 7/13/2021

I've recently found and responded to another question here somewhat closely related to mine that got me thinking of another question- the age old one: which is better? cut or uncut? i thought about calling for a vote, but i know it would reveal a majority for "cut", it does come down to personal preference (that is, if a guy keeps himself clean!), and it is kind of beating a point into the ...

13 response(s), 13 votes
goodstuff1954 65 C
7  questions
whats a hippy? - 7/13/2021

true i grew up in that time frame but i never meet a hippy or even seen one. saw people drive around with flowers all over their car, van , or bus. was dumb enough to call them a flower but guess what they where still PEOPLE different oppions than mine but they where still human.

9 response(s), 13 votes
wifey3223 55 F
227  questions
men & drama too on Free Social Sex Network>its not only us women!!! - 7/13/2021

I recently met a man in my network, qwho lives in georgia . im not sure if he thought he met a fool, but after we spend time together. and he was great to, my bed hasnt gotten that wet in awhile. the next day, he tells me the wife whos hes supposed to be seperated from.that he sent her his house note money, & she bought new furniture. he has his 1& 3 year old , with him i already had ...

6 response(s), 13 votes
rm_kayak1994 44 M
0  questions
is it true that most females fantasize about being ? - 7/13/2021

a female told me the other day that she often fantasizes about being . not actually assaulted or hurt physically but in the sense where she is forced into sex with somebody such as her mailman or co-worker. she says alot of females think of this. is this true?

22 response(s), 24 votes
themisskrissy 57 F
52  questions
PMS - Persecute Member Syndrome? - 7/13/2021

When will enough be enough? <br> Now before some of you get your knickers in a twist, i will say this... IT IS NOT ABOUT ME... i don't give a damn what people are saying here to me or about me... thier cyber words cannot hurt me.. i choose to not allow it.. most times i find it funny in an Abuse themiss Line twisted sort of way and i pity those that do it.. <br> I see ...

26 response(s), 21 votes
Does it Matter?.. - 7/13/2021

Hi, just a question for ladies (or maybe guys if they have an oppinion). <br> When I was born I had something wrong with one of my testicles and it had to be removed, so now I only have one. Im told that it shouldnt matter and that I should be able to have and everything, but Im wondering if that would be a turn-off, ony having one instead of two?.. <br> All feedback ...

10 response(s), 5 votes
rm_MamCsDawne 48 F
3  questions
Babies??? - 7/13/2021

Ok ppl im 35 yrs old.. am i too old to have a baby now.. my other are already in middle school and high school.. wow.. never thought id have to think about such things.. But hey..I guess mentally im more prepared now than i have ever been but who is ever financially prepared for a lil one.. get back with me.. i wanna hear what you all have to say.. Am i just too old for another baby ...

31 response(s), 11 votes
? - 7/13/2021

I have heard males say that they have went to get an erotic Massage by a professional massuse and that the Massage was completed by a hand job. Does anyone know if this is a common occurance with getting an ? Has this happened to anyone out there? And for any couples out there would a hand job with release, by a massuse be considered cheating if nothing else occured?

12 response(s), 27 votes
IamOmeed 43 M
10  questions
Teenage Drugs Sex and Alcohol - 7/13/2021

So I have a question that is semi off topic. My little sister is 14 y/o im 24, so i kinda feel like a dad to her. I never got the sex talk from my parents, so i know she hasnt. She's has a preppy attitude and hangs around with a bunch of skater guys and shes cute. I know all do this at one point or another but i know shes been exposed to drugs sex and alcohol. <br> But i ...

8 response(s), 7 votes
Why do the men talk to the ladies like they are hookers? - 7/13/2021

For some reason when a man talks to a lady on the internet. He tends to refer to her as slut, bitch, when he should be refering to her by her name or by her handle. <br> Men can be so rude and they don't seem to even know it. The first thing they say about a lady when they meet her is, "Nice tits" or "Nice Ass". What about her eyes, her lips, her hair? <br> Men need to ...

8 response(s), 4 votes
DaLucky13 52 M
31  questions
Who's your daddy??? - 7/13/2021

Okay, this is a question of opinion, so BE HONEST with your answers and comments... they will be greatly appreciated... <br> A co-worker who is 3 and 1/2 months pregnant had an affair with 3 different men (and a woman) outside her marriage of 8 years. (Don't worry, I'm not one of the participants). The husband thinks she's pregnant with their , but has doubts because he caught her ...

24 response(s), 17 votes
Should I feel guilty for not feeling guilty? - 7/13/2021

I have mind blowing wonderful sex with a variety of girlfriends met through Free Social Sex Network and i am truly grateful tothe site for facilitating such a great addition to my life. I am very happily married but my wifes sex drive has significantly dropped since the birth ofour third , hence myjoining Free Social Sex Network and meeting people. My query is this, am i a heratless bastard for not feeling guilty about having sex ...

16 response(s), 26 votes
Does having "discreet relationship" in the profile tend to be bad, even if single/unattached? - 7/13/2021

In my profile, I have "Discreet Relationship" as one of the things that I am seeking. My profile does specify that I am unmarried and otherwise unattached. While I do not particularly desire "discreet", I have included this option in the hopes of it being a plus for those ladies that are single but may want some discretion due to having or their professional life. <br> I have ...

8 response(s), 8 votes
robbob1 54 M
11  questions
Living in a small town with limited travel. HELP? - 7/13/2021

I am a single father who lives in a small town in the middle of no where. I also am limited to how much I can trvel to meet people by my the fact that my live with me. I can only drive for about an hour from my home do to the fact that if something serious should happen to one of my , I need to be able to get back home as fast as posible. The problem is I cant't seem to find anyone on this ...

10 response(s), 10 votes
Forgiveness? - 7/13/2021

What is forgiveness? <br> A work colleague of mine recently found out that his wife is having a affair, and has been for the last year. He studied Theology, and is currently struggleing with a moral issue. <br> Can he forgive his wife and divorce her or must he forgive her and try to work it out. Their are all out of the house and they have been married for almost 30 ...

11 response(s), 4 votes
Dear fullofwisdom3 - 7/13/2021

Marital Status: Divorced Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker Occupation: Banking/Mortgage Religion: Other Have : Prefer not to say Want : Prefer not to say Network Album: Sep 5, 2005 Bahamas Cruise July2005 - 4 photos <br> <br> Hi. Happy holidays to you as well. <br> Please spend it with your , and forgive your ex-wife (wives?). ...

16 response(s), 23 votes
rm_Edwarlife 55 M
5  questions
Female sex offenders - 7/13/2021

So you've all heard about the female who was spared prison because she was "too pretty" for it. What a mockery of justice. It seems women get off much easier than men when it comes to sex crimes (or have I been reading too many high-profile media cases?). <br> Do women get off easier because the male-dominated justice system is afraid to view women as potentially sinister, ...

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What do you think? - 7/13/2021

Hi All. Just want to know what you all think... My b/f & I are in a long distance relationship that has been great up to this point. Here is the thing he has a show car & it made a magazine cover. He told me about it when we first started dating in May even offered to send me one...One of my friends actually had it & gave it to me to see. Well he made a reference in '01 that his wife ...

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Where are all the women with hairy pussies? - 7/13/2021

It seems that just about every woman or couple I meet on AAF shaves their pubes. I hate that. It's not natural and makes me picture what it would be like to eat or have sex with my 10 year old sister. <br> I remember as a young , seeing a few girls my age in their panties or naked and the biggest turn on was their newly developing breasts and hairy pussy. It was erotic because ...

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Where are all the younger guys? - 7/13/2021

I have been on this site for a while now and am wondering, Where the hell are all the MILF lovers? I am thirty seven years old and have been described by my 's friends as "HOT." I will not even entertain the idea of being with those boys for obvious reasons but aren't they any others?

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Unconscious or Conscious Attraction? - 7/13/2021

Do we unconsciously attract others we deem below us, or do we consciously seek out those we deem above us? <br> To believe we unconsciously attract others, we would have to believe in outside factors such as pheromones, but to seek out those who we believe are equal to or more attractive than ourselves, suggests different. This question requires self analysis. Using myself and my ...

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sirmasterdee 51 M
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Don't take these articles the wrong way - 7/13/2021

The questions i write about are the way some site members feel that i chat with are have met in person i love and respect all ladies i would want to get to know you before sex also some people misunderstanded my last article i'am not looking for a but just putting things out there other people are afraid to ask or say i don't bite my tongue are hold it i'am a grown man. But this article ...

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rm_lovelycunt22 41 F
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where are u? - 7/13/2021

how many women would want to have a for another woiman. i'm lookin for such a woman to accept my mans sperm the old fashioned way.

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Overheard and outrageous: your stories - 7/13/2021

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve overheard? Not something someone said to you, but something you heard that wasn’t meant for you. View the examples below, then share your own. <br> 1. Lying awake around 11 PM next to an open window of 2nd floor apartment in Chicago. Footsteps approach, mumbled conversation, then female voice, clear as a bell: ...

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Does Any Man Share My Fantasy for Blouses - 7/13/2021

I have since being a of ten, yearned to wear blouses, then later skirts.Although I was able to share my sisters clothes, I only managed once to go to school in a skirt & blouse.As you can imagine that caused an uproar, so I was unable to do that again.I suppose I was lucky that my mother let me dress up & my father just ignored it.I became quite upset at peoples reaction to me.I wonder if ...

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blondebelow 55 M
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family divided - 7/13/2021

If you are reading this, keep reading because you are the perfect person to ask. <br> Situation: <br> My sister and her husband have announced the break up of their eight year marriage. They will seperate on Dec. 27 (so as not ruin everyone's Christmas...right) <br> They appeared to be the perfect couple. In love, one , nice home, two car garage with a nice car ...

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RICHARD PRYOR - 7/13/2021

We have enjoyed many laughs from Richard Pryor. However, he was controversial. He broke the Race barrier in comedy, and brought vulgar language into comedy and our everyday vocabulary. Being a product of The Innocent 50's, we grew up showing respect for the opposite sex by not using the "F" word in every sentence in mixed company. That doesn't mean we didn't say it, we just showed ...

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rm_silverchest 71 M
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Old Broads That Have Never Been Married - 7/10/2021

If you're a widower or a divorcee what goes through your head when you see a profile up there from a woman that's never been married and is just looking for love. Wants it bad and says she's only looking for sex or a friend with benefits, sends you a message and tells you that she really wants to meet, what do you think as you're heading over to tap this resource: ...

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devilprincess37 58 F
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My public response to "silverchest" e-mail - 7/10/2021

After posting a response to the last question that "silverchest" posted on the advice line I recieved this e-mail from him: am widowed after twenty five years of marriage, how bout yourself, did I touch a nerve, feeling guilty you didn't hang with hubby. This is my public response to this sad excuse of a man as I have nothing to hide. After spending 12 horrible years in an abusive ...

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devilprincess37 58 F
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My Apologies To Those I Offended - 7/10/2021

Well let's see where we are now, this posting is in response to my post of last evening regarding an e-mail I received from another member that I will not name again as I apparently offended some people by doing so. I had a total of 23 Excellent votes on this post, 1 Very Good, 6 Good and only 1 Don't Like. I think my point was made. We as Americans have the right to free speech. I ...

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rm_diamondindc 49 M
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Is this a problem for you? - 7/10/2021

Since being a member here on Free Social Sex Network, i've noticed that there are some here that create very sexual profiles and leave them for you to bite on. They show interest in you and you 2 begin chatting. You then find out that they are looking for a solid relationship or shall say.... something that you're not looking for. I met someone that I thought was into all of these fetishes and come to find ...

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